Glee Club, Cardiff Review

I love a good comedian. I have quite a dry sense of humour and I love to laugh. But I’ve never been to a Comedy Club (mainly because I don’t think we have one in Leeds-please correct me if I’m wrong!) So when I was in Cardiff and the girl I was staying with suggested we go to The Glee Club during my  Cardiff weekend, I was happy to give it a try. This review has been written off my own back, and is nothing to do with the Club. We paid for our tickets and were not invited to review.

Tickets are £17.95 which, whilst not the cheapest, does cover your entire evening out-I’d definitely say it’s worth it for the amount of comedy you see. You can book food and drink in advance if you like (we ordered two Pitchers of Cocktail and to be quite honest they were massive, and we didn’t finish them-which was a lot to do with my being shattered from my long drive that morning!) I think you could safely pre-order one for two of you, and buy a second in the interval if you needed it.

two pitchers of cocktail on a table at the glee club, cardiff

We didn’t have time to eat before we went to the club, mainly due to the 45 minute bus journey, so I ordered food before the comedy started. At £20 for five British Tapas style dishes (I had cheesy chips and popcorn chicken, the girl I was with chose sweet potato fries with her chicken, and we split chocolate brownies bites and ice cream) it’s not cheap, but I needed food. There was a lot of it, so I probably would have been fine with just the chips.

food on a table at glee club, cardiff

The show had two intervals, meaning you have plenty of time to pop to the bar and the toilets in between the comedians. I found most of them hilarious, one incredibly offensive (racist jokes aren’t jokes, in my opinion, just bigotry) and one who was mostly funny and a little offensive. I think I’d really want to read the reviews of the particular comedians next time before booking. I’m sure some nights there’s just hilarious acts, but I don’t like thinking I’ve paid to see the racist ones.

glee club sign

Would I go again? I’m not sure, if I’m honest. I think if I did I wouldn’t bother drinking-I would’ve driven to Cardiff had the tickets and alcohol not been bought before telling me we were going-and I’d definitely make sure I had time to eat before. The food there was fine if you needed feeding but wouldn’t have been my first choice.

Have you tried a Glee Club before?


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