Happy Galentines Day, JDL

Happy Galentines Day! Nope, that’s not a typo, I do mean Galentines-today is the 13th February after all!


The Urban Dictionary definition of Galentines Day is:

February 13th, the other half of Valentine’s day, when you celebrate your love for your lady friends! single or not.

hey Judy, you are such a great friend to me, and I want to celebrate our friend love , not only my sexy love with my boyfriend Marvin tomorrow, so let’s have a dinner get together the day before valentines day – Galentine’s Day!

Now, it’s well known that I’m single, so this year I’m buying myself a gift today, I opened my Valentine’s Swap Box today (more on that tomorrow!) and I intend to spend today telling the girls who mean lots to me that I love them, and why. So, how better to tell my blogging friends, than on my blog? (I’d be here all day if I told ALL my blogging friends, so I’m sticking with the closest ones, JDL)

Jemma-You’re someone I’ve always looked up to, blogging wise. You’ve always had this awesome, well designed, well put together blog, and I could only dream of being like that. And then I met you at an event and you were just as you seemed on Twitter-lovely and friendly and happy and kind to people. I’m now lucky to be able to call you a friend and I value that so much. (Also Jemma did my Valentine’s header, as well as all of my other ILH headers, and I adore them-so if you’re needing a header you should go check out her work)

Caitlin-Your blog really is photography goals. I know we clash sometimes-we’ve had this conversation before of course-but I really admire how well you’re doing with Through The Mirror, and I want the best for you in life-you deserve to find an amazing guy who sees you the way your friends see you, and I look forward to the day that you do!

Holly-Another one who has this amazing, well put together blog, and I always thought was so far above me in terms of skills, knowledge and experience-and then you created JDL and I realised that yes you are absolutely awesome-but you’re also a lovely, down to earth, normal girl, who happens to have an amazing blog (and you’re all round amazing, really) I miss speaking to you as much as we used to.

Elena-You’re the best. I don’t know where I’d be without your friendship, really.

Vix-Never forget how great you are. And when you find the right one, he’ll instantly know that. Until then, keep on entertaining twitter with #Vixswipes as it’s incredibly funny.

Laila-I can’t believe you don’t have 100 times the followers you do-you’re one of my favourite bloggers in terms of writing style, I just love your stuff. Keep doing you.

Emma-I love when you pop in to the chat and update us with what’s going on with you. You deserve all the love and happiness in the world and I have faith it’ll come to you. Also I want your kitten please. Thanks.

Liv-You’re so sweet and kind and supportive of everyone, that’s completely the right way to be in life. And it’s why everyone thinks you’re lovely. Never change.

Jordan-Please tell me you’re not so beautiful and stylish all the time!? Okay, lie to me! Seriously though-you are gorgeous and you are incredibly stylish and that’s great, but more importantly you’re a really nice person, you’re kind and funny and clever and you don’t seem to realise how great you are.

Fii-Another one who seems effortlessly stylish and beautiful all the time. You’re so clever and funny, and you have the cutest voice-I love chatting to you, I love that you’re part of JDL and I’m so glad to call you a friend. Keep being awesome and rocking those OOTD shots.

Allie-My fellow pole princess. I dream of being as good as you, I hope one day I’ll get there-but then you’ll still be ahead of me so I’ll forever be playing catch up. That’s cool, you can continue to inspire me. You are gorgeous, you are brilliant, you are amazing and I love your blog, too.

Yeah so JDL is/was quite a big group, okay? It’s no wonder I forever had 300+ notifications whenever I left my phone for more than five minutes.

Who are you going to tell that you adore them today?



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