How to blog on a budget

I know that sometimes it feels like everyone has lots of money, every blogger is buying the new Naked Palette and posting their haul posts, and you are the only one who is skint. Well, trust me, you are not. And it can feel like having no cash stops you from blogging-you want to review the latest product, right? You want lots of haul posts, lots of new outfit posts, you want to travel to exotic destinations and blog about them. But your bank manager says no. You feel like you should be out drinking cocktails, and you’re stuck at home drinking tea. What to do? I thought I’d share my tips on how to blog on a budget.

Swap haul posts for wishlists

All the fun of choosing which products you want and writing about them, none of the money spending on them. Yes, it’s not as good as actually BUYING them, but it makes for a very good blog post.

Shop your stash

Review a product that you’ve reviewed before-do you still love it? Do you still reach for it? You can also do posts about items you’d forgotten you had, and blog about how you’ll use it now you’ve rediscovered it.

Swap OOTD posts for ‘How I’d style…’ posts, or raid your friends wardrobes. 

OOTD posts are great, they really are. And you can probably still do some, unless you’ve already featured anything you like from your wardrobe. So pick one item, either one that you own or one thats currently in the shops, and post 5 different ways you’d style it if you owned it. If you’re lucky enough to have friends with more money than you, see if they’ll let you borrow a dress for a night out or something and do an OOTD with it. You could even get them to model it for you, if you want to make them feel great.

Do your travel posts without flying to exotic destinations

The chances of me jetting off abroad at the moment are slim to none. So, I am currently blogging about an amazing trip I took in 2011. I’ll then blog about great things to do in my local area, and I’m also planning to blog my travel bucket list.

And, if you’re really, really skint…

Hold a blog sale!

What are your top tips for how to blog on a budget?



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