*How To Improve Your Smile

I’ll confess, I’m vain. I care a lot about how I look and a big part of that is my teeth. I’ve been asked to work with The Old Spire and give you my tips on how to care for your smile, and how to improve your smile it if it’s not exactly how you’d like. I definitely know all about that, having spent a small fortune at my dentist over the years!


To prevent tooth staining, try to avoid things like coffee and red wine. I use a whitening toothpaste every time I brush my teeth, and I pay for them cleaning by the dentist each time I do. There’s nothing worse than yellow teeth if you’re not confident about your smile, it can make you feel really down. You can go for your teeth professionally bleaching or buy a kit to do this yourself at home (I do NOT recommend this-if you’re going to use anything stronger than a whitening toothpaste PLEASE speak to your dentist!)

Electric Toothbrush

I use an electric toothbrush because it gives my teeth a better clean. Mine was only cheap, £20 in the sale, and it’s worth every penny.


I confess I don’t ACTUALLY do this, but I know I should. Flossing helps to remove food and bacteria from in between your teeth (attractive, right?)

Visit your dentist

Since I was a young child I have always been to the dentist every six months, my Mum insisted on it. She still does, as a 30 year old grown up, Mum still tells me when my check up is due! But it’s meant that my teeth are looked after. I’ve had chips repaired, fillings when I’ve needed them and crowns on some of my teeth too. Not ideal, but better than my smile looking terrible and ending up with toothache.

Regular visits to your dentist help you to know if there’s something wrong, too. Lots of us as teenagers ended up having our teeth straightened by wearing braces (I was lucky and avoided that) but as an adult I could probably benefit from having staining removed if I’m honest.

The Old Spire is really near me and offers the highest standards of Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry and General Dentistry. I should really give them a call about my slightly yellowed teeth!

How do you make sure you take care of your teeth, and do you have any more tips on how to improve your smile?



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