I Believe In Karma

I believe in karma. What goes around comes around, and if you treat people like crap that’ll eventually catch up with you. This post isn’t throwing shade at anyone in the blogging world-I highly doubt that the people I mention read my blog (if you do then hello, yes this means you-you’re a dick) so if you’re a blogger, don’t think this is about you. It’s not, but if reading this post makes you think oh yes I treat people badly like that too-then use this post to make you stop. You’re welcome.

Treating someone you work with like something you’ve scraped off your shoe says far more about you than it does them. Blaming that person for a different person’s shortcomings makes you a terrible manager. Asking that person to take on a project knowing you’re going to sack them three days later is a complete dick move. Eventually people will realise what you’re like, most of them already do-you know the saying ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’? Maybe that’s why everyone tells you you’re brilliant…

Spilling someone’s secret, when they’ve not even told you it but you’ve presumed, is bang out of order. Other people’s problems are not your gossip fodder and people you tell don’t think you’re awesome for it, they think you’re a moron. Oh the hilarity when you then go through the same thing yourself, karma if ever I saw it.

When you’ve bullied someone for years at school, or used to be friends but since you left you’ve completely dropped them, and get in touch to see if they’ll shoot your event for free-nope. People do favours for friends, not users. I’ll more than happily do paid work for you though, but you think I owe you. I owe you nothing.

Bringing someone into your life, introducing them to your child after five minutes and then ghosting them after a year is absolutely pathetic. Think of your child, not the fact you’re a spoilt brat who kicks off if they don’t get their own way. That poor kid being given a brand new family, getting close to them then never seeing them again and not understanding why.

This became a bit of a therapy session I think, but I do feel good for getting this out onto paper (well, a screen!) I believe in karma. Do you?


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