I Didn’t Like Barry Island…

If you’re a fan of Gavin and Stacey like I am, you’ll know they visit Barry Island a lot. When I had my disastrous weekend in Cardiff and set off to spend my last day alone, and realised that Barry Island was about forty minutes away, I just had to go!

Big wheel against cloudy sky

Seaside buckets and spades and accessories outside a shop

I didn’t know what I was expecting, and I only had about an hour to spend, on a drizzly day-but I was quite disappointed by my experience. I think with children it might be a nice afternoon out, the beach is pretty big and there’s a couple of cafes, a little theme park and an amusement arcade, but there just wasn’t much for me to do on my own. So I wandered around taking photos, as I do wherever I travel to.

Lifeguard stood on a beach looking out to sea

Blue and yellow bouncy castle

Flags against a blue cloudy sky

I’m probably being a bit unfair to the place-lets face it I’d had a godawful weekend and was pretty fed up as it was, so I would’ve needed something pretty spectacular to bring that around-and I’d expected to explore a big city, Cardiff. Maybe if I went another day I’d have a different opinion.

Sea, a cliff and a blue sky with white and grey clouds at Barry Island

Multi coloured flag bunting against a blue cloudy sky

I guess if we’re being fair, I could’ve gone for something to eat in the cafe, wandered around the souvinear shops and had a go on a couple of rides. I also like the 2p machines in the amusements so I should have done that. Instead I wandered around in a bit of a strop, tired and hungry and just wanting to go home.

Wall with carousel horses on

Dodgems without any people in them

I’ve not even looked at these photos since getting back, until I’ve just edited them for this post. They’re actually quite nice-the beach looks gorgeous and I should’ve appreciated that sky more! What an idiot.

childrens helicopter ride

Have you ever been somewhere you’re just not feeling and later realised the problem is you, not the place?


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  1. September 23, 2017 / 6:02 pm

    I visited Cardiff for the first time last year and we were meant to head to Barry Island but we ran out of time. I am a big Gavin and Stacey fan so would have liked to have gone, sorry to hear that it wasn’t that great though. Like you say though, maybe on a different day you would have felt differently…. but did you stand at the point where they said they loved each other for the first time?? It would have had to have been done if i had made it there 🙂

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