Inside Laura’s Head’s Christmas List

I thought this year I’d share my Christmas list with you, because I love reading posts like this (and it often gives me ideas of things to add to mine!) I have a birthday a week before Christmas and this year it’s my 30th, which means lots of people asking me what I want for my birthday and for Christmas and I really don’t know, to be honest! So I racked my brain and came up with this little list. Santa, if you’re reading this, I’ve been really good and I REALLY deserve everything on this list. Honest. Here’s Inside Laura’s Head’s Christmas List.


1000 Instagram followers (has anyone else’s growth completely stalled? I need a miracle now but I’d love to hit that target this year)

2500 Twitter followers (another miracle, but if the virgin birth can happen at this time of year I’m SURE twitter people can press that little button, right?)

A pyramid of White Toblerones, because I’ve eaten five this year so far and daren’t buy any more ‘for Christmas’ yet

Snowy scenes to go out and photograph because those wintery posts need photos. A cute snowman is a bonus

That viral post all bloggers are dying for (my pageviews will thank you)

A massive, mystery blogger mail package containing loads of gorgeous makeup (who doesn’t dream of this?)

Some awesome brand collaborations for 2017

My lost motivation

Enough blogging work that I can be a full time blogger      

All of the photo props

Comments on every single post

100 likes on each Instagram post

Whilst this is pretty tongue in cheek-I would (of course) be thrilled if any of the above were to become a reality this Christmas/in 2017. I think most of us really want these good things to happen to us, if we’re completely honest.

What would you ask Santa for for your blog?





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