A Big Update-I’m a freelancer!!

A few weeks ago, I lost my job. It was a bit of a shock, as the reason they ended my contract wasn’t mentioned in my only ever performance review the week before, but unfortunately, in the UK at least, if you’ve not worked somewhere for two years you have no employment rights. Well, you have some-see ACAS for your day one rights-but you don’t have the right to take a claim to an Employment Tribunal (you do if it’s a claim for discrimination due to race, gender, religion or sexuality but not for a basic employment rights claim) It used to be that you had that right after 12 months employment but it’s now 24, and as I’d only been in the company for 15 months, I wasn’t afforded the right to be treated fairly. I’ll leave that there-as an ex trade union official I could rant about the unfairness of that change and how it stops people being treated as they should be, but I won’t do that in this post, because I’m writing this for a different reason.

I wanted to proudly announce that I’m now a freelance photographer! I’ve been getting really, REALLY into my photography for a while, and I’ve always said I’d like to have a little photography sideline, but never got around to it-short of trying to sell a few of my favourite shots on Etsy. Then when my job ended, it just felt like a good time to give it a go. So I’m giving it a go!

Under Laura Haley Photography, I’m offering solo, couples and family shoots to clients around West Yorkshire. I also offer product shoots for companies, and ad hoc shoots for other things-like parties, engagements, events when clients want those. I don’t do weddings but I’m tempted to in the future-I just need far more lenses first.

If you fancy supporting my new business, and/or booking a shoot, you can head on over to my website linked above, but you can also follow me on my social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There’s currently a competition on my Twitter account to win a free shoot so why not go and enter that?

There’s a selection of my work in this post for you to have a little nosy-I’m very proud of the shots I’m producing. If you’re West Yorkshire based and fancy working with me, I would LOVE to hear from you. And if you’re not but know people who might be-please, please feel free to send them to my website or my social media.


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  1. Sarah Ann
    August 12, 2017 / 12:34 pm

    Wow that’s so exciting! I’m self employed too and my boyfriend just opened his garage, so it’s stressful but really exciting. It’s strange how things have a weird way or working out and I wish you the best of luck of your new venture.

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