Inside Laura’s Head Is Four

When I think about how far my little corner of the internet has come since the days writing on my lap on my sofa, taking a quick iPhone snap as ‘that’ll do’ and being thrilled to have had ten views on a new post, I honestly can’t believe my luck. Today Inside Laura’s Head is FOUR BLOODY YEARS OLD and unrecognisable compared to the blog I started, sitting on my sofa in my rented house in Darlington. Gone are the frankly not very good beauty posts (because I thought that’s what bloggers did) and they’ve been replaced with food, travel and a little bit of lifestyle. This blog now reflects my interests and it’s so much more me, although maybe the odd beauty post will sneak back in.

When I started blogging, bloggers used to read each others content regularly, and comment on posts. Instagram wasn’t the carefully planned, themed grids everyone has, we just threw on a photo we liked and got on with it. Things have really changed in the industry and I look forward to seeing what else changes in the next four years too. It’s cool to see that now Inside Laura’s Head is four, so are lots of other blogs who started at a similar time to me, and people are having so much success-it’s very inspiring.

I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want this blog to be this time next year and there’s a post coming in the next couple of days with more on that. Today I wanted to focus on my successes, and also show off the (slightly silly, but lots of fun) birthday shoot I did. I was aiming for ‘Happy Birthday’ but managed to forget to shoot the letter D, so with a bit of quick thinking:


Laura stood on a rock in front of a tree, holding the letter PLaura sat on a rock in front of a tree facing a tower, holding the letter A Laura watching a sunset, holding the letter R Laura sat in a spinning cup in a playground, holding the letter T Laura sat on a rock, holding the letter Y

Photography by Miss Toye 

I should have had a party, to be honest. Four years of blogging is a massive achievement, especially when you consider that this was my full time job for six months, and could have been for longer if I’d not needed that mortgage so quickly. This blog helped me to realise I AM creative, I do have a talent and I AM worth something. It’s given me new friends and made me see that I can walk away from others who aren’t really friends. Blogging has shown me that despite missing a C in English twice because I was three marks off as I couldn’t talk about a poem, I can actually write, and it still blows my mind that people are reading these posts and brands want to work with me.

Brand collaborations I’m particularly proud of, for different reasons, are my Cheapflights Challenge, Travelodge, Bonkers Bingo, and all of my food collaborations. Not only do brand collaborations help to boost my profile but they also help my confidence, and that makes for better content on Inside Laura’s Head in the future.

I absolutely love this little blog, and whilst I have days. weeks sometimes, where I don’t write-I never feel like I want to stop. You can look forward to many more years of Inside Laura’s Head, and who knows what content will happen in the future. Today, Inside Laura’s Head is four-happy birthday, my little blog.


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