*Inspiring Creativity with Fellowes

Being freelance means that, luckily for me, when I’m invited to head to Doncaster for an inspiring creativity crafty day with Fellowes, I’m able to say yes. Please excuse the lack of, and the terrible photos in this post: someone (me, obviously) took my camera without a battery in it, so I had to use my phone. It didn’t help that I got too caught up crafting to take many photos either. Well done, Laura!

I had no idea what to expect from the event-I knew we were doing something crafty but I didn’t know what-so I was pretty excited when I walked in to find lots of colouring materials and some laminators on the table. I worked in a school for six months, I LOVE laminating things nearly as much as I love labelling things!

After a quick introduction from Fellows (which included a guy in the best shirt I’ve ever seen, Flamingo print!) Maggy from RedTedArt¬†told us we we were going to be making three things: Halloween bunting, a dancing Elf and some Christmas Baubles, and that they were all using the laminators. Intriguing!

Halloween Bunting

We were given Halloween printables¬†to cut out and laminate, and then punch holes in them. Once we’d cut them all out (which was no mean feat-the photo shows the three easiest, there was also a very difficult tree and a cat) it was time to fire up the laminators and I was really impressed with how smooth they were-no getting things stuck in these babies! Once laminated we had to cut out the shapes again and then holepunch them ready to thread onto orange and white stripy string. My bunting is going to look great in my office at the end of this month!

Christmas Elf

The Christmas Elf was the tricky one. I chose one to colour in, because who doesn’t love colouring in-and then once I’d cut out his head, body and limbs it was time to laminate him. I then cut him out again, punched my holes and fastened him up with push pins and string. This is one children would need a bit of help with I think.

Christmas Baubles

The baubles just needed colouring in, cutting out and laminating. I really enjoyed choosing colour schemes and colouring in is so soothing, these are something I plan to make more of and I’m going to make them into Christmas bunting.

Have you used a laminator to craft before? What did you make? How would you be inspiring creativity with a laminator?


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