International Beauty Swap-Chib from America

I’ve got an exciting post for today. A post about my post! I’ve been involved in a group on Facebook that allows people to swap things with others from different countries. I was a bit cautious so nosied at everyone elses’s swaps for a while but got jealous of the wonderful looking packages that people were receiving, so jumped in there! Chib had posted saying she was looking for a swap partner so I replied to her with my information. We agreed to swap and agreed a budget of £20 (and the equivalent in dollars!) although we have both confessed to going WAAAAY over this budget. Ahh well, we both enjoyed doing the shopping for each other.

I posted Chib’s package and she received it a week later, which I was really pleased about. Mine from her took nearly two weeks-bloody postal service-it felt like forever as I was so excited!

I sent her this lot:


The Sleek Pallette she requested specially, the rest I chose for her.

She sent me an amazing package! I asked for a pack of Wonka Nerds but didn’t specify what makeup as I couldn’t think of any American brands.

Well, a massive box arrived at work today. So exciting! I opened the box and saw some beautiful glittery tissue paper. Once I’d removed that I found she’s sent me loads of candy (or sweets, for us Brits!)

Rainbow Nerds are my favourites so I’m thrilled to have FOUR boxes of these. Pixy Stix and Laffy Taffy are American sweets I’d heard of but never tried. Sweetarts and PopRocks are new to me. I’m looking forward to tasting this lovely lot.


She also put me some samples in, some face masks, and some beautifully wrapped surprises.

chibsamples           chibwrapped

Opening the presents was really cool. Chib obviously paid a lot of attention to my likes and dislikes because I love everything she bought me! I was thinking of reviewing each item on this post but actually, I’ll do that in a later post.

Maybelline Blush and Bronzer

chibblusher chibbronzer

I’ve used Maybelline blushers before and really like them, so I was pleased with this. It’s my sort of shade, a brilliant choice. I’ve never used their bronzer, in fact I don’t tend to use bronzer at all, so this is a great chance to take my out of my comfort zone and give me chance to try something new.

Forever 21 Earrings


What girl doesn’t love gorgeous earrings? These are fancy enough to be a little bit more interesting but not too flashy that I can’t wear them-perfect. I love the yellow flowers at the bottom the most.

Physicians Formula Matte Collection Eyeshadow Quad


These are just the sort of colours I usually wear and this will be a regular in my daily makeup routine for sure!

Almay Eyeshadows


Again very wearable colours, though the orange is brighter than I’d normally choose for an eyeshadow. I’m looking forward to trying it.

Almay intense-i-colour smokey-i kit


This will be another regular in my beauty reigime.

Wet Slicks Lipgloss and Wet n Wild Lipstick

chiblipstick2 chiblipstick3

The lipgloss is maybe too pale and glittery for me, but I’ll give it a go. The red lipstick is nice and bright, just what I like in a lipstick.

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipgloss and Kate Moss for Rimmel London Lipstick

chiblipstick4 chiblipstick5

The gloss is lovely and bright, and the lipstick is a more unusual colour-which I would never have chosen but I love! Sort of a grey/brown with a hint of glitter:


Almay Makeup Eraser Sticks


These look like they’ll be really useful to correct mistakes with my eye makeup-and Chib has put me two packets in! I’ve never seen anything like these here.

I loved swapping with Chib and would like to thank her for such a brilliant swap package!



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