International Box Swap-Shanai from Australia

Hello! You may have seen my previous International Box Swap posts (if not, go HERE) with Chib from America and Nancy from Taiwan. I have lots of fun buying and sending products to friends overseas and receiving a box of goodies back is very exciting!

This swap is with Shanai from Australia. We talked over Facebook for a few weeks before buying for each other and we also did a swaps quiz to get to know each other’s wants, likes and dislikes. My package was sent after Shanai’s so she is still waiting on hers but mine arrived today, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Shanai bought me some makeup-she clearly got the measure of me as I have lots of lip products! I love the Calvin Klein Blush Duo, I’ve never used a contouring kit so I’ll be trying that out and although we have Lush here, I have never tried Toothy Tabs!

I asked to be sent some typical Australian snacks so she sent me TimTans, Violet Crumble, Red Skins and some other goodies.

I really enjoyed my swap with Shanai and hope to stay in contact with her.

Laura xx


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