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So, some of you may be aware that in January I started #blogbetter, a way for bloggers to improve their blogs in a strategic way, focusing on the things THEY want to focus on. This had a really good response for a couple of months, and then fell a bit by the wayside-mainly down to the fact I stopped talking about it, and therefore so did everyone else. I’m bringing #blogbetter back for July, and you can expect a post on that soon.

I love #blogbetter, but it can be quite time consuming to do. So I fancied something similar, that can be done alongside or instead of, on a daily basis. Something you can do one day and not the next, whatever fits in with you. And that’s where @blogevenbetter comes in.

@blogevenbetter is a twitter based project. There won’t be any Facebook groups or any requirement to do a blog post (though I will do some regular roundup posts) and it’s something anyone can take part in, whether you’re a big, small or medium sized blogger, whether you talk about beauty or politics or something in between. Each day, the twitter account will tweet out a prompt. To take part, you simply reply when you’ve actioned the prompt, saying what you’ve done. I’ll retweet them, which will help people who haven’t got an idea of what to do get some ideas.

As an example, the first one (tomorrow-eeep!) could be talk to a new blogger. You could interpret that as tweet them, you could e-mail them, you might think commenting on a new blog ticks that box. Basically, what you fancy.  So, if you want to take part, you need to do two things:

  1. Follow @_blogevenbetter on twitter so you don’t miss any daily prompts
  2. Get involved! When there’s a prompt you like the look of, do something around that, and reply to the tweet to say you’ve done it. I’ll retweet it, other people will see that, you may well inspire someone else to do the same.

Let me know if you’re taking part!





  1. June 22, 2016 / 1:32 am

    Oh amazing concept Laura! I am definitely signing up for! I hope everything will go well!

  2. June 22, 2016 / 10:59 am

    Ah this sounds like such a good idea! I definitely need a bit of a push to get involved more, I’m off to follow the Twitter account now 🙂

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