Introducing Blogmas On Inside Laura’s Head

Today is the first day of December (seriously, where has this year gone-it was March and then I blinked and now it’s nearly 2016! Waaa) and so I thought I’d jump on the Bloggers Bandwagon and do Blogmas this year. Hooray!


Blogmas, for the uninitiated, is 25 days of posts, every single day, relating to Christmas. A bit of a challenge for me, but I’m going to try and fit in different genres as part of my Blogmas. We all know I’ve never yet managed to post every day for a month, so don’t expect too much-but I’ll do my best.


Keep checking back daily for all of the Christmassy fun, and if you don’t already, why not follow me so you don’t miss anything? My links are to the right of this post, and at the bottom.


(Also, not at all Blogmas related, but definitely Christmas related-how gorgeous is my new Christmassy header? HUGE thanks to Jemma at Dorkface for doing this for me-she is amazing, do check out her design services if you’re wanting a new header or something!)




What sort of Christmas related posts do you like reading? Are you doing Blogmas this year? (Do let me know-I’d love to stop by and have a read)


Helloooo December! Bring it on Blogmas!



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