*Is Online Dating A Waste Of Time?

I can honestly say that I’ve not spent a lot of time or effort on dating in 2017. I just wasn’t that bothered about meeting someone-I mean, I’m open to it, but I can’t say I’m sat at home crying with loneliness or anything-and I wasn’t sure that the time spent on online dating was worth the reward of exchanging three messages with Mark from Leeds who then disappears. I thought I’d pose the question: is online dating a waste of time.

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I spend a LOT of time online, we all know this. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram-probably a good couple of hours a day on there between my social content and clients’. I run three websites, which takes a chunk of time too. I read the news online, I watch YouTube, I listen to radio stations online through my phone. And Netflix, of course.

But then I think of my friends. Quite a few of them are in very happy relationships, with partners they met online. And I don’t know, maybe I do like the idea of settling down. I mean obviously whoever I was with would need to realise just how much time I spend working, that my blog and my photography is so important to me and that I want to travel, whether with them or without, ideally a mixture of both. They’d need to accept that I do have an absolute ton of makeup even though I don’t wear a full face that often, I have a camera and kit that cost more than a holiday would, I definitely need to photograph that food before we eat it and I WILL ask them to take a photo of me in front of that landmark. And, thinking that that person exists out there somewhere, wouldn’t it be cool to meet him?

Whoever he is, he does have perks of dating me to enjoy, too. I can take a cracking photo of him when we travel, he can be my plus one to food reviews and come on trips with me, and the money I make from this blog will pay for a nicer house for us both. Perhaps he really wants to find me, too?

If you think online dating is or could be worth your time, like I do, then here are a few sites you could try. There’s Merseyside dating sites, Dorset dating sites, dating Essex, single men in Gwent, and date Derbyshire singles. And if you’re after something with a bit less commitment, try adult dating.

What do you think-is online dating a waste of time?

*This is a sponsored post. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own.

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