*Learning a new language with Bidvine

As a travel blogger I like to attempt a bit of the local language when I go somewhere-even if it’s just hello, goodbye and thank you, I try my best. But I find it difficult to learn languages by myself. So when Bidvine asked me to have a look at their site and write about my experience I was thrilled to see that they can help me find a language tutor in my local area. Hooray! I’m now thinking about learning a new language with Bidvine.

The website is really clever. I expected I’d have to trawl through pages of posts about what people can do for me and tick off each person that didn’t meet what I needed, but in fact it’s the opposite-I post my requirements and people basically pitch to me. The pros have to pay a small fee to pitch to you so it means you’re pretty much guaranteed to only get pitches from people who can provide what you need-which saves both you and them time and stops any wasted effort from both sides. There’s nothing more frustrating than communicating with someone for ages then finding out they don’t speak the language you need! You can also read their reviews on Bidvine from previous clients they’ve worked with, which I found really helpful.

Coffee and juice on a table

Bidvine lets you look for anything from photographers to someone to sort out your garden and I honestly can’t think of anywhere else so versatile. As a freelance photographer myself, I think I need to join as a pro to be honest. I can see myself getting some work through the site.

Do you fancy learning a new language with Bidvine?

*This post was sponsored by Bidvine, so they paid me to write about them. They didn’t pay for a positive review, and as ever the thoughts and opinions in this post are all mine, not Bidvine’s.



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