*Lets Talk About Love-Valentines Day 2018

Let’s talk about love. I may be single this Valentines day (and, lets face it, the majority of past ones too!) but for lots of people this is a really romantic day, where they celebrate the love they have for their significant other. Much as I joke around about ‘ugh, romance’ and ‘eww, keep your ‘the boy did good’ statuses far away from me, I do enjoy seeing other people happy and enjoying their day (although, roses for me would be appreciated-lets hope, eh?)

I did have the best Valentines ever a few years ago and spent it watching the Kaiser Chiefs at First Direct Arena-lots of fun, a great atmosphere and no romantic stuff in sight. I did buy myself a cup and a couple of plectrums as a present though. This year I’ve got a shoot in the morning, then I’ll be spending my afternoon and evening at home, working on Inside Laura’s Head whilst watching Friends on Netflix. Because I am thirty one and single and THAT IS WHAT WE DO. Sorry, not sorry. I’d rather Ross than some of the idiotic men who’ve been in my life recently, if I’m honest.

The Independent Pharmacy¬†have asked me to share their let’s talk about love infographic with different facts about Valentines and I’ve really enjoyed reading it-I didn’t know lots of this stuff. I’m definitely happy about all the pets who are getting Valentines presents-I would be that person spoiling my pet too. And, given I once made a Valentine for my high school science teacher (CRINGE!) it’s not a shock teachers get the most cards. Have a read through because this stuff is really interesting, albeit with a serious message behind it. Let’s talk about love!
Lets talk about love infographic

*This post was writen in collaboration with The Independent Pharmacy and the attached infographic and the information in it is courtesy of them. The rest of the post is all me, just me.


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