Life Lately #3

My last Life Lately post was in APRIL, I can’t really believe I’ve not written one of these since then. That’s crazy! Since then SO MUCH has changed, I feel like a different person. There’s been a major work update, lots of travel and a good few blog things have happened too. Yay for life right now.

In May I went to Amsterdam with two other bloggers. I had a great time with the girls (they’re lovely) and I would 100% go for a night out with them anytime, but I’ve discovered I’m probably more of a solo traveller-basically because I like my own way all the time! It’s easy to do exactly what you fancy when there’s just you, right? I then went to London (specifically Camden) for the day, which I still need to write about! BAD BLOGGER. Dublin was my third city visited, as I was challenged by Cheapflights to do the #cheapflightschallenge. I headed up to Durham for the day for Durham Miners Gala (again, post to come) and then had what should’ve been a weekend in Cardiff, but turned into a disaster (I did see Barry Island and spend a night in Cardiff that I’ll be blogging about, so not completely wasted)

I’ve been to York twice too, once to hang out with my blogger babes and once for a shoot with another total babe. That’s FIVE more cities towards my 12 in 12 for 2017. I’m heading to Glasgow in September to hang out with another blogger, and do a shoot for her. Oh yeah, did I mention I’ve gone freelance!?

To top it all off, I’m also heading back to Amsterdam with family on a mini cruise in September. I won’t have chance to do much but I AM aiming for a food of Amsterdam post, as well as a couple more locations ticked off my to visit in Amsterdam list.

That’s life lately with me, how’s things with you? Tell me your news!


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