Life Lately #4

Since I last wrote a life lately post I’ve had quite a few highs and lows-luckily far more highs than lows but it’s been a weird few weeks anyway. I want to post these little chatty, how’s life updates more often as they’re the kind of posts I love reading from other bloggers and I hope you guys feel the same about mine. Do let me know in the comments?


October saw me hitting my first ‘freelancing is working’ target for the first time. I was so pleased to get there and despite that figure being £200 less than my monthly wage from my last job, my expenses are far less (no more spending at least £5 a day on lunch for a start!) and it’s a figure that means, in my mind, that freelancing IS working for me. That’s a bloody good feeling.

I’ve had some more shoots with lovely people, both bloggers (I love love LOVE shooting with bloggers) and some families. Photography is still my biggest challenge but I can see myself improving with every shoot, and I’m making a habit of learning new things each week-either from YouTube, books, or online courses like Udemy. I’m proud of how Laura Haley Photography is progressing (and there’s a preview of some recent shots below for you if you want to see)

I’ve travelled a bit more, visiting Glasgow for the first time, London again, and Amsterdam for the second time this year. This has (obviously) created a fair bit more travel content for me which makes me very happy.

I’ve had some fantastic sponsored posts, review opportunities and invites to events. All of these things help me create better content for you guys.


After an amazing October, November so far has been slow going. Part of that is my fault (see my next low!) and part of it is just due to a slower month for the blog, and colder weather meaning people don’t want to book shoots-I expected that to happen but it’s still worrying when cashflow is less flow and more stop!

I’ve been quite poorly with some sort of weird virus this past week, haven’t got dressed for four days, showering has been a major effort and I’ve done the bare minimum work wise-some days I haven’t even got to replying to my e-mails. I do seem (touch wood!) to be coming out of it now and I spent Thursday night catching up to e-mails, chasing October’s invoices and generally being more productive than I have all week.


Things are, overall, pretty good. I’m in a position where, financially, I don’t NEED much at the moment to get by. My panic is because my car insurance, MOT and service are all due mid December, and I have a sum of money saved which so far won’t cover everything-especially if any work needs doing on the car. So, my plan is to get as much work in as possible (there’s a thread on my twitter asking for your help with that and suggesting ways you can employ me, if any of those work for you-please do check that out and RT for me if you want to help but I’m not offering anything you need) and then get everything paid in December. I do have enough to cover my insurance and my tax, plus most of the service and MOT if they’re cheap. I need the extra to cover if something goes wrong, I’m saving every penny I can right now, and I’m applying for freelance work everywhere I can-as well as doing different bits of online work like survey sites to earn extra too. I KNOW with a bit of a push I can get this sorted, so I don’t need anyone to worry about me (or to think I’m asking for charity) but if I offer something you need, please do consider paying me to do it if you can.

How’s life with you?



  1. November 20, 2017 / 1:08 pm

    Congratulations on hitting the freelancing target – I’d love to be brave enough to try it, so I shall be following your continued progress with great interest. Well done for only spending £5 on lunch too! Ha ha

  2. November 20, 2017 / 10:15 pm

    I hope things have picked up for you work-wise over the last few weeks. I remember when I first went freelance, it took some time to adjust. The shots you included above are absolutely stunning.

  3. November 23, 2017 / 10:45 pm

    Well done on the freelance work, it’s always great when you hit a target. It sounds like a great month, some highs and some lows but overall a good one.

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