Life Lately #5

It’s been a while since I’ve written a chatty, life lately post to check in with you guys. You read all about the travel I do, the food I’ve been eating and things like my vitamin D deficiency but don’t tend to know how I am generally-and I feel like you should, so an update was well overdue. Since my last life lately post, in November, I’ve been to Amsterdam again, Wroclaw for the first time, spent a weekend in Winchester, an evening in Blackpool and a weekend in Corbridge. I’ve shown Fiona around Leeds and Haworth and I’ve done a good few food reviews. Oh yeah, and I’ve gone back to a full time job so I can buy a house. I’ve cut some pretty toxic people out of my life and I’ve gained a lot of time back for myself in the process, and I’m feeling good. It was about time I put myself first and realised that just because I think someone is a friend, that doesn’t mean they actually are-and accepting that is difficult. But walking away from people who don’t like you as you are is pretty damn liberating, and I’m proud of how I’ve handled it. Not a panic attack in sight.

My new job is going well, my colleagues are really nice and although it’s a different industry for me, I’m trying hard to learn the ropes. Two full wages so far has meant I’ve had a couple of shopping trips, treated myself to an Olympus Pen (so watch out for the photos with me in them featuring more in my posts!) and even managed to put money into my savings. I’ve been working hard behind the scenes on the blog too, and I’ve got so many exciting plans I’ll be able to share with you guys soon. Things in my world are great at the moment. I’m even on a health kick, to lose weight and to just feel better in myself. So far I’m half a stone down and, whilst I have some way to go to get to where I want to be, I’m feeling better. I plan to slot in a fair bit of fashion content as I feel more confident in my own body, which is something I’ve shied away from before. It’ll be a challenge, but one I’m looking forward to.

So, that’s my life lately. How are you? What’s new in your world? Tell me in the comments below.

Laura in jeans and a white polka dot top sat on Blackpool Beach


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