Life Lately #6

It’s certainly been a while since my last life lately post and so much has changed in my world I decided it’s about time I wrote another. I always enjoy a life update from bloggers I read and I enjoy looking back at my own too. Last time I updated you guys I said I’d taken a full time job so I could get a mortgage. Well, I’ve since left that job and started a new one, choosing to prioritise my mental health over the possibility of commission that wasn’t achievable anyway. I’m sat writing this post with some popcorn and a hot chocolate, wearing one of many new dresses, and I’m feeling pretty good about my future.

Last time I really thought about it, I was struggling a little. Being in my old job, where I counted down the minutes until home time and hated every one of them, completely sapped my creativity. I stopped wanting to go out and shoot, either for myself or for Laura Haley Photography, I barely blogged, I definitely didn’t do any of the behind the scenes work on Inside Laura’s Head and I didn’t feel much like me. So, I booked a trip and spent a weekend in Berlin. I always find travel helps my mindset and I came back feeling more inspired, even though I did zero work on the trip-sometimes you just need to watch To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix and eat supermarket snacks.

Graffiti of an eye with a halo above and the words 'mad world' in red

After returning from Berlin, my job selling fuel cards ended and I took a month off. I spent the first week stuck in bed with the lurgy, wishing I had the energy to do the work I felt so motivated to do. The last three weeks, I spent getting through a ton of work on Inside Laura’s Head-rewriting content, sorting the SEO on my older posts and making plans. There’s still a ton of work to do, I’ve done maybe 20% of it BUT I am feeling a lot better about this blog and it’s future. I’ve started a new job I’m enjoying, and I’ve got my creativity back-doing a wedding AND a Halloween themed shoot I can’t WAIT to release, over the last few weeks.

I’ll be doing another of these posts at the end of the year and I’m hoping things will be even better in my world by then. How’s things with you? What would be in your life update?


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