London Food Diary

If there’s one thing I love as much as travelling, it’s eating. I try to eat different things when I go away somewhere and so it makes sense to do a food diary from each trip where possible. London, at the beginning of October, was perfect for a food diary post.

Poptata at Boxpark, Shoreditch sells different varieties of chips with different toppings-I went for the Legendary Cheesy Parmesan Fries, which come covered in Parmesan, herbs and some Pink Garlic Mayo. Simple but effective, these were so so good. I plumped for a can of Sanpellegrino Blood Orange as it’s just a bit fancier than my usual Coca Cola (they sell that too, though) and I fancied a change. My meal cost me around £7 which was more than reasonable, the portion of chips was pretty big.

This amazing Ice Cream and Candyfloss combo is from Soft Serve Society, also at Boxpark. I went for Cloud 9 as I’m such a big fan of Candyfloss, and it looked so different. For £5.95 it’s not a bad treat either. Yum!

I’d heard a lot about Dum Dum Donutterie from friends who have visited Brighton so when I realised they had a stall at Boxpark I just HAD to take a doughnut home for a hotel room snack. Claire and I both chose the Galaxy Donut but I’m sad to report I don’t think it was anything special. Maybe the different flavours are better.

Wednesday morning started with the mother of all breakfasts in our Travelodge hotel-don’t they just make the best breakfasts? I’d never have so much food at home but couldn’t resist the bowl of fruit and the nutella on toast, and it’s a crime not to have a fry up when you’re on a mini break!

After that massive breakfast we didn’t even think about food until we got to Camden Market mid afternoon. I decided to be brave (rare for me, foodwise!) and have my first ever VEGAN meal, from HashGreen. This Potato Hash topped with Macaroni ‘Cheese’ with ‘Bacon’ bits and Croutons was actually pretty nice, but as a big cheese fan you just can’t beat the real thing. I could definitely eat this again though!

What’s the nicest food you’ve had lately?


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