*The Beauty Advent Calendar That Won’t Break The Bank

Last year, I was living the dream when it came to advent calendars. Not only had I bought myself a Milkybar one (because I’m a big white chocolate fan, I can take or leave milk chocolate unless it’s Cadbury) but I’d been given a The Bodyshop advent calendar at their event. Tis year, I’ve been facing the prospect of advent calendar at all. Enter Mad Beauty, who solved my problem by sending me this Mad Beauty Advent Calendar to review for you guys.

Closeup of the Mad Beauty Advent Calendar

Priced at £9.99 it’s not as cheap as your average chocolate calendar, but as a more special present for someone (or yourself!) it’s certainly a competitive price, I’ve not found anything similar to be any cheaper. The calendar contains different makeup items: lipsticks and lipglosses, eyeshadows, blushers, eyeliner, lipliner-as well as some nail polish and nail care items. I’ve put a photo of all of the content at the bottom of this post so if you’re buying this for yourself I’d suggest you don’t scroll, and if it’s as a gift (maybe for a younger relative) and you want to check the contents are worth the price, then go and have a nosy.

Closeup of the Mad Beauty Advent Calendar with a door open, containing a brown eyeshadow quad

I’ll admit, I really didn’t expect this makeup to be good quality for that price. I’ll also admit to being wrong about that. The eyeshadows are incredibly buttery, albeit small-this isn’t a palette that’s going to last you months, but it’s something I’ll actually use-I’ll probably pop these in my travel makeup bag. The lipglosses, whilst not massively pigmented, do have a hint of colour and leave a nice shine on my lips. I’ve not tried the nail polishes as I tend to use Shellac on my nails but they look like they’ll be pretty decent. The brushes are never going to be amazing quality for the price but there’s no bristle fallout and the little eyeshadow applicators, whilst not something I’d use, are of useable quality. I wouldn’t be upset if I needed to use any of this stuff.

Closeup of some of the contents of the Mad Beauty Advent Calendar

If I’m honest, I would actually buy this. Not for me-I don’t think there’s enough in there I’d use for the price-but for a younger cousin or someone just getting into makeup, who’d use all of it, I think this would make a great gift.
Contents of the Mad Beauty Advent Calendar

Have you had a beauty advent calendar? What do you think of the contents of this one?

*The Mad Beauty Advent Calendar was sent to me by Mad Beauty in return for an honest review. All words, thoughts, photos and opinions contained in this post are my own.


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