Makeup Revolution Lipstick Review

Today’s post is one I’m very excited about. I took advantage of Superdrug’s 3 for 2 on all makeup to treat myself to some wacky coloured Makeup Revolution lipsticksĀ  (and one from MUA which has sneaked in somehow) I also bought some more normal colours-y’know, ones I could actually wear to a non costume party. Here’s my Makeup Revolution Lipstick Review

Makeup Revolution Lipstick Review

Left to right Rebel With Cause (Vamp Shade), 100% Vamp (Vamp Shade), Felony (Scandalous Shade) Raven (the rogue MUA lipstick), Immoral (Scandalous Shade), Crime (Scandalous Shade), Vice (Scandalous Shade), The One, Depraved (Scandalous Shade)

Swatched on my arm (colours in same order as above)


And on my face (again same order)


I love this colour on me. Can’t beat a berry lip for autumn.


This makes me look dead. Granted it may be improved with makeup on-I will try another time.


No, just no. This is a rubbish lipstick in general, barely pigmented. And it looks terrible on me.


Black lippy looks amazing on some girls, but clearly I can’t carry it off.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha. Haaa!


Ooh. I like this one. It’s a keeper!


I like this one even more. I love orange on me.


I’m on the fence about nude lips on me. What do you think?


Actually don’t hate this as much as I thought I would.

So, this little experiment has taught me that, actually, I am pretty good at deciding what suits me before I choose it in the shop, and that 3 for 2 on Superdrug makeup is a BAD, BAD IDEA!

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution lipstick? Do you prefer the more unusual colours or the sensible ones? Do you agree with my thoughts in this Makeup Revolution Lipstick review?


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