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As a freelancer some months can be harder than others to earn what I need to to pay my bills. So, I decided to think outside the box a little-if I’m not making money from my blog, my social media or my photography how else can I do it? I then realised that if I’m teaching MYSELF how to make money online, I may as well teach you guys too. So, this will be an ongoing series, with a new post whenever I figure out a new site/method. This post talks about Swagbucks-I joined on the 6th September, ignored it until the 18th, and as of 1st October I’ve made £25.

Minimum earnings-£5 every 16 days (presuming you spend about 20 minutes a day on this)

You can join Swagbucks by clicking this link  (full disclosure-this is my referral link and I earn points for referring you-you don’t HAVE to join via my link of course, but doesn’t cost you anything to do so and I’d really appreciate if you did-call it a thank you for the information in this post, if you like?) If you join via my link and earn 300 SBs in that same month (so, if you join in October you need to hit 300 in October, even if you join on 31st October) you earn a bonus 300 SBs. I’m happy to help you make sure you hit that target.

Once you’ve signed up go to  on your phone and download the apps, there should be 6-one called swagbucks and the others are ones that still earn you SBs.

Earn 210 Swagbucks in your first day, easily, by doing the following:

Fill in profile on laptop (28SBs) 

Click the top right hand corner where theres a circle and fill in all your profile stuff-set your SB name (it will have chosen one for you, change it) add a profile picture, add your address, add your email, add your email address, set a security question 26 SBs (you also get 2 for signing up in the first place so, 28)

Add the swag button on laptop (50SBs)

Toolbar on the left about halfway down, should talk you through how to add it-it’s really simple.

Surveys page-fill in your profiler and answer some questions (50SBs then 2SBs per 10 questions) 

Click the swagbucks icon in the top left and then on the left hand toolbar click ‘answer’ there’ll be a thing on that screen somewhere asking you to fill in your survey profiler and this earns you 50SBs (it’s very boring and repetitive but you’ll only do it once, just be consistent with answers or it won’t let you do surveys in the future)

There’ll also be a bit on the right that says 2SBs per 10 questions, you may as well go through and answer all of those too (or as many as you can be bothered to, they’ll sit there forever until you’ve answered them all) it’s a few extra SBs which helps. I think I’ve had about 30 SBs from this.

Once you’ve done the above on your first day, you can start doing the daily tasks too. Do this every single day you can manage (it doesn’t matter if you miss days, it’ll just take longer to build the points up)

Set videos playing (50/100 SBs per day)

On your phone pick the first app, login, click the top left button and select ‘short clips’ press play on the first one, after each video it’ll show you a progress bar which fills when you’ve watched them all and says ‘well done’-that’s 2 SB earned. If you’re able to sit WITH your phone, maybe whilst eating breakfast/watching TV, you can skip each video after 4 seconds, meaning you get through 1 app 5 times in two minutes (sometimes slightly longer as there’s sometimes a 30 second video in between the odd video that you can’t skip) I do mine whilst eating breakfast on a morning, and then if I’m awake at 2am/before 8am I do them a second time. 50 SBs earned daily in around 10 minutes (or 100 SBs in 20 minutes if you can do both the 2am-8am and 8am-2am timeslots)

You can check online or on the Swagbucks app to make sure you’ve been credited 5x 2SBs per app, I do this when finished to make sure they’ve all gone through-though I’ve never had a problem.


You can attempt to answer surveys whenever there’s some listed, if you get thrown out because you don’t meet the criteria you get 1SB. I only really do these if lots of time but worth doing the odd one, and to be honest even if you get thrown out of 8 per day, that’s 1% of your next reward-so they do add up. If you manage to complete a survey or two every so often, that can be up to 10% of your next reward.

Daily Poll and nCrave (3SBs) minimum

In the taskbar on the left hand side (scroll down) there’s your daily to do list. You want to do the daily poll for 1 SB, it’s just one question, and the daily crave (which shows you three short videos you thumbs up or thumbs down to) thats 2SBs a day when you’re on the laptop. This takes around 5 minutes if that, you can actually do a new nCrave a few times a day so it’s worth going back and doing another if you happen to be online on your laptop anyway.

Toolbar search (random amount of SBs)

Using the Swagbucks toolbar to search the web earns you a random amount of Swagbucks a few times a day, I tend to spend about 5 minutes searching things 3x a day, until it gives me an amount of SBs.

Offers-just do the ones relevant to you, as and when

Worth looking at the offers to see if there’s any that are worth your while doing, but don’t forget if you need to subscribe to something make sure it lets you cancel in time to avoid being charged. I did one for 1400SBs because it cost me £1 to buy a Euromillions ticket, I could then cancel the subscription in 72 hours before I was charged more money and it made me 1400 SBs, which is very nearly £10 paypal (1600 SBs) Completely worth it for me to do that offer.

Daily Goal

If you’re on the website on your laptop, on the top taskbar there’s a box that says what your daily goal is. Hit that and you you get a bonus (generally 10% of what your daily goal is) mine averages around 40 SBs a day so I do hit it from the video apps. If you click the box, it will also show a second goal-higher than the first. Hit the higher one and you get another SB bonus. If you hit your daily goal for 7 days you get a bonus, 21 days and 30 days you also get a bonus-so it’s worth checking what it is and trying to hit it. The bonus credits the month after.

There are other ways to earn SBs, including shopping through the Swagbucks site-but I only use the ones I’ve talked about in this post and can’t comment on others.

Have you tried Swagbucks? Do let me know if you sign up using my referral link and if you need any help with it.







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