May Goals

Okay so a few points to address. First, I’ve been a rubbish blogger recently. I haven’t posted for ages, I haven’t promoted, obviously my page views have massively dropped. I’ve been working on things behind the scenes and have today made the order to get Inside Laura’s Head moved to completely self hosted-which knowing me probably means a few days of down time whilst I get everything sorted. I’ve been told it’ll be up to three days for the move to happen so we’ll see where we are next weekend, when I hope to be all sorted and enjoying a shiny new look-my domain name will be the same but before my second birthday in August I’m planning a complete rebrand. Scary!

Second, the photos in this post bear no resemblance to the subject. Sorry not sorry. Caitlin has been teaching me how to properly use my DSLR and I’ve got some photos I’m proud of, I needed some for this post and so, it just made sense. You can see more of my new photography skills on my Instagram and my Flickr-do come and follow, I’m really trying to up my presence on both of these platforms.

IMG_1919 (2) IMG_1949 (2)

Enough waffle from me-there’s a whole month worth of posts for that! I wanted to get back to being accountable both to myself and to you guys, and so I’ve put my May goals down on paper (well, on this page, which lets face it will last longer than paper anyway-gosh that’s a scary thought eh?)

Hit 1,750 followers on Twitter

Hit 800 followers on Instagram

Blog every day in May (I’m taking part in #bedm, check out the hashtag on twitter)

Migrate the blog over, add a pretty new theme, and get to grips with

Take more photos

Be more organised-plan posts, plan photos I want to take for the blog, schedule

Promote June’s advertising slots

Walk my Uncle’s dog Bobbie at least once a week

I feel like most of this is doable, if I work hard enough. Twitter and Instagram I’ve been struggling with recently, but Instagram especially I just haven’t been using-so it’s no shock I’ve not gained followers. I’m changing this and aiming for three photos a day, with relevant hashtags-so let’s hope that helps. I have a giveaway on Twitter at the moment (please do follow me if you aren’t already!) which will hopefully help my follower numbers. Posting every day in May is going to be hardest for me, especially with the blog migration happening-if I lose a few days I’m going to backdate posts and tell myself I’ve still hit my goal, because it’s beyond my control as my hosting company are doing the migration for me.

 IMG_1962 (3)


What are your goals for May?




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