My 2017 Travel Plans

I dream of oceans, sandy beaches, and people watching. Of interesting cities, wandering around with my camera, stopping off at that pretty little cafe for a drink. I want to see places I’ve read about in geography textbooks, visit the places I fall in love with from my Instagram feed, and come home shattered with a camera full of memories, some things to make my home more me, and tons of content for the travel section of this blog. I’ve got serious itchy feet, wanderlust. So I’m making my 2017 travel plans.

I think it’s not helped by the fact I’ve done very little exploring the world so far. I did two weeks in Cuba when I was younger, with a big group of strangers who became friends. I’ve been to Spain as a child, a beach holiday most years, and Cyprus once. I did Disneyland Paris with my family one year nd Paris once with school, and a french exchange trip. Oh, and a mini cruise to Bruges, and a week in Italy for a training course (in which I spent the majority of my time training, and a couple of hours each night drinking in the local town) That’s about the extent of my travel so far, and having been nowhere for the last few years apart from Majorca in September, I am craving adventure.

So. I resolved to spend 2017, and each year afterwards, exploring more of the world. I have a long list of places I’d love to go, and I’ll do a further post on my travel bucketlist, but because I’m buying a house this year I’ve not really got the budget for anywhere exotic right now. That doesn’t mean I’m staying home though, and I’ve planned my travel for this year:

Palma, Majorca

I’m heading to Palma for a long weekend in 10 days time. I’m flying out Friday morning and heading home Monday afternoon, which gives me two and a half days of exploring, which I plan to make the most of by getting up early and going to bed late. I’m going alone, although I’m meeting up with a friend whilst there, as she lives there. I think I’m spending Saturday and Sunday with her and she’s going to take me to a little village, to a castle,shopping (of course!) and on a night out, as well as whatever else we decide to do. I fell in love with Palma when I was there in September and I’m looking forward to a few hours exploring more of the city with my camera.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

In May I’m spending a weekend in Amsterdam with three gorgeous bloggers; Tamzin, Ashton and Kirsty. We’re planning lots of photography and exploring, blogging, shopping and cocktail drinking. Bring it on!


Photo credit: Claire

Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is such a short, cheap flight from me it seems daft not to head over that way. My mum loves to remind me we’ve got Irish ancestors and so I want to go and see a bit of their country. It’ll be a weekend spent wandering around taking photos, and it’ll be awesome. Ideally I’ll also travel out of the city and see a bit more of Ireland.

Copenhagen, Denmark

It seems like every blogger went to Copenhagen in 2016. The pastel coloured buildings really got┬ámy attention and I need to see them for myself. I really know nothing about Denmark, it wasn’t ever really on my radar as a place to travel to, and I look forward to learning a little about the capital.

As well as my short trips, I’ll be doing some day trips within the UK. London, York, Manchester and Newcastle are all on my list for day trips this year.

Have you planned any travel for 2017 yet? Where are you heading or where would you like to go?




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