*My 2018 Travel Bucket List

I love to travel. You guys already know this, it’s not a secret (I mean, just look at my blog header!) and 2017 was the year I really started doing the travel I’d wanted to for so long. I took six flights, two trains, drove numerous long drives, and visited Palma, Amsterdam, Dublin, London, York, Liverpool, Glasgow and a few more UK cities. I’ve started planning what I want to book in 2018 and I’d say I’ve got three that are realistic, two that are more pipe dreams (but you never know!) So when I was asked to write my 2018 travel bucket list I was quite excited to get this one written.

My 2018 Travel Bucket List


Berlin is my one that got away, as I was supposed to go in October but then my trip got cancelled. I am dying to go and explore, seeing the street art, soaking up the history and trying German food. This year I will get there, I’m determined!

building with street art overlooking river with reflection

Photo Credit: Haydy-Squibbvicious Media 


Poland has long been on my to visit list because it’s close, cheap, and somewhere I really don’t know much about. I’ve seen a few people travel to Wroclaw last year and their photos look AMAZING-so I want to go myself. Bring on the Polish food, cheap cocktails and a lovely relaxing weekend.


Porto seems to be one of THE blogger destinations at the moment. I’m after some sun, and Porto will provide that for me. Plus, Portugal would add another country on to my 40 before 40 list, and that’s always good.


Another country I’ve never been to is Denmark. Copenhagen looks beautiful and so I need to go (you’ll realise everywhere I want to go is somewhere I think is beautiful. Sorry, not sorry!)


Thailand has always been a bit of a pipe dream because I didn’t think I could travel that far,and then I did Cuba. I want to go to (and shoot) a full moon party, and do some of the other stereotypical touristy stuff. No posing with drugged tigers for me though! I’ve been properly looking into the things I could do there, and I’ve been having a look at Destination2 Holidays because they have some great trips to Thailand. Hopefully this year I can go.

*This is a sponsored post. All thoughts, words and opinions (and my 2018 travel bucket list!) are my own.


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