My Blogger Baes

There is absolutely nothing better than time spent with your favourite people. Especially when those favourite people are dotted all over the country and you don’t see them often (or you haven’t even met them yet!) We’ve got this group chat, you see. Started by Kariss when she’d moved to London, she got her friends from Leeds and her friends from London and then some friends from other places, and put us all in one Whatsapp group. And it’s the best group ever, full of my blogger baes.

These girls are amazing. There’s always someone around to talk, to help if you need it or to make you laugh (or laugh with you) we are sad when the others are sad, we celebrate each other’s success, and we share photos of dogs we find on our travels (because, dogs) I don’t know where I’d be without the chat.

Me and my blogger baes: Haydy, Rach and Lizi

Those of us who are self employed try to share opportunies with each other when possible. When someone’s in the same town or nearby people drop everything to go and see them (I went to York to see Haydy when she was up, Lizi was in London so Hayley, Haydy and Kariss went to meet her for Nandos) and I can honestly say I’d do anything for my friends. We also have Milly, who I’ve not yet met but that doesn’t matter, Kellie who I see often at Leeds events, Bee who isn’t in the chat lots but that also doesn’t matter and Rach who I see sometimes but not as often as I’d like. We’re hoping to get to be all in the same place at some point, and when we do it’ll just be the best day.

People think it’s a bit odd having ‘internet friends’ but these girls are closer to me than a lot of my ‘real’ friends. They ARE real friends, anyway. And because I met them all through blogging, they all get what I’m trying to achieve with Inside Laura’s Head, unlike some of my other friends who try to but just don’t. I bloody love my blogger baes.

Have you made any close friends through blogging?


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