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As you’ve probably noticed I’m always planning my next trip, and so when Holiday Gems asked me if I wanted to work on their Holiday Essentials Campaign of course I said yes. They sent me a £50 voucher to spend on my holiday essentials so that I could write this post telling you what I can’t travel without. Some of the things in this post are things I hadn’t had before, but knew I needed for my planned trip to Dublin, so I’m lucky this campaign came about when it did. (You can follow Holiday Gems on Twitter and Facebook too, if you fancy-as well as following my Instagram to see my travel photos)

Guide Book-£7.99

I like to buy a guide book before every trip, so that I can plan where I want to go. I tend to buy the same brand-Lonely Planet Pocket Guide to wherever I’m going-as I love the format of these, and the handy pull out map they contain. I plan to, when I buy my house, keep them all on a little shelf so I can look back at where I’ve been, and I mark everywhere I want to go on the City map with a dot, which I change to a heart once I’ve seen the place. It works well for me when I want to plan another trip to the place, or to see at a glance which things I fancy seeing are in the same area. Well worth £8 of anyone’s money in my opinion.

Travel Wallet-£10

I got really sick of scrabbling about in my bag for my passport, trying to find the wallet containing my currency, and having no sensible place to keep my flight tickets. So, when I spotted this gorgeous Rose Gold Travel Wallet I knew I had to have it. There’s a flap to keep my passport and flight tickets safe, a zip pocket for my money, and card slots for my driving license, emergency bank card and EHIC. No more stressing out about where I’ve put things, this fits easily into the pocket of my hand luggage bag (or the front pocket of my small suitcase if I’m just travelling with that)

Travel Cubes-£15

Packing has always been my least favourite thing. I can never remember what I need to take with me, my clothes end up creased and I can’t fit them back into the case on the way home when I’ve bought souvenirs. I’ve been watching lots of South Korea vlogs on YouTube recently (I’m planning a big China, South Korea and Japan trip for next year) and as you do when you’ve on YouTube, I ended up watching other travel videos, including some Travel Hacks and Tips. Almost every vlogger mentioned Travel Cubes and I knew they were the answer to my prayers. They help you to seperate your clothes into seperate packages, allow you to squash stuff down a bit and mean I can always keep an emergency overnight kit in my drawer too. Brilliant.

Portable Luggage Scales-£4

Part of my packing stress is thinking my case is far too heavy, so I grabbed these from Primark when I saw them. They just pop into my case when I’ve weighed it (or my hand luggage if I’m taking a big case for the hold) and stop me worrying on the way home.


The forecast for Dublin was initially rain, and as I drive everywhere I don’t own a proper coat. I also didn’t want to carry the extra weight, so I grabbed a raincoat that fits into a small bag from Primark. It’s pink and spotty and lovely, and I didn’t even need it as Dublin had a heatwave. Should’ve bought suncream instead. Go figure.

Assorted Toiletries-£5.00

I spent the last bit of the budget on the essentials you need to buy for every trip, including a new toothbrush, a mini toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, a single razor, and a mini micellar water. I also spent £1 on a pack of those little plastic containers so I could take my Face Peel, Moisturiser and Clay Face Wash with me. My skin really suffers when I’m using different water to wash it, so I definitely need my failsafe skincare products to help with that. I went a bit over budget on these but I needed them-so I guess I slightly failed in the challenge! Whoops. I also stupidly didn’t take photos of these before packing them, so they’re now all used up. Whoops again.

I didn’t buy this from the budget, as I’d already spent the £50, but I bought an SD Memory Card Reader for my iPhone, so that I could edit photos for Instagram on the go without having to take my laptop on the trip. It cost me £30 because I bought the official Apple version but it was worth every single penny.

What are your holiday essentials?





  1. June 28, 2017 / 9:27 pm

    How cute selection, the powdery pinkish colours are lovely. My fav is the purse “travel”.

  2. July 4, 2017 / 6:30 pm

    Portable luggage scales are always a good idea – I used to work myself up into a panic in the queue to luggage weigh in!

  3. July 5, 2017 / 10:25 pm

    I wish there were more images, but it was interesting to see what you thought was essential!! I like the travel purse and the pouch!

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