My Most Disastrous Date


As it’s Valentines fortnight here on Inside Laura’s Head, all my posts are love, relationship and Valentine’s themed. Today I thought I’d share with you my most disastrous date, it’s good to look back and laugh at the sheer horror of it!


The date: Drinks at Leeds Christmas Market with someone I worked for the same company as him (but met on a night out, when he gave me his friend’s business card-I should’ve known then to avoid, to be fair!)


Arranged to meet at 2, the man I was meeting decided to get a train FROM his station at 2, thereby arriving late. He arrived, I was two drinks down in the pub at the station. We walk to the market, passing a homeless man, who is asking for money. He suggests we offer him £10 to do ‘hilarious’ things and we film it for YouTube. Erm, no thanks, have some respect. We queue for ages to get into the market, he spends most of the time slagging off the new job I’ve just got, that I’m very proud of. Eventually some students tell him to shut up, because he’s annoying them. We go into the market and into the bar, it’s really great, live music and a fantastic atmosphere. He gets very drunk, very quickly.


He has a huge go at me, because the bouncers escorted someone out and I said we should move out of the way. He tells me a friend of his died after being thrown out of somewhere (not through being thrown out, I might add-I think his point was if she’d been inside surrounded by people they would have noticed she was seriously ill, though) then he has a go at me because I don’t know how amazing this girl was. I didn’t know her, but I hadn’t suggested she was anything but amazing.


We leave the bar, and go to meet his sister. Yes, this is a first date-I did know him on a friendly basis before, but still. His sister says he’s drunk, and they all ignore me. He tries to flirt with her friend, and fails. We then go for a train home, he invites me back to his, then says he can’t anyway as his parents are in. Then he tries to chat up a girl on the train (who is very clearly not interested and kept apologising to me!) Then she gets off the train, and I get chatting to two men, after overhearing they’re involved in the Trade Union movement, like I am. Ends up them inviting me to a public, fundraising gig the week after and me giving them my e-mail for more info. He sulks like crazy, I think well it’s ok for you to chat up TWO girls, but I can’t network? Ok then.


He gets off the train the stop before mine, I breathe a sigh of relief. Then I get off the train at my stop and head to meet by friends for some sanity.


Well, THAT was long! What’s been your worst ever date?



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