*My new home plans

Those of you who know me personally will know that for the last few months I’ve been saving money, ready to go and buy a house (eeep!) I’m not quite there yet-but I’m aiming to buy one by Christmas (which happens to be a week after my 30th, too) Like most of us who have rented, I am DYING to get my hands on a house, a blank canvas that I can decorate exactly to my taste. I love reading posts about how people are styling there houses and thought I’d have just as much fun writing my own.

If I were to write about how I want the whole house I’d be here all day, so here’s a whistlestop tour of how I want my house to look, and what I want in it.


My kitchen will be plain white walls, with lots and lots of red! I already have a red kettle, toaster and microwave, and then all of my crockery and glasses are red too-so with the addition of a red washing up bowl, bin and drainer, my kitchen is very easily completed. Hooray!

Living room

I want a grey, pale pink and rose gold living room. I already have a grey sofa which I adore, and I’m starting to collect rose gold things-I have a lovely lightshade (Ikea!) and want a freestanding rose gold lamp, too. I’ll be heading to theĀ Dulux Paint counter-they have so many different shades and can even colour match for you, which I’ll probably end up doing. Who fancies a painting party?

My living room will have a blogging area too. I want a desk for my laptop to sit on, and I’m going to cover the wall with photos of me and friends from blogging events, and inspiring quotes. I’ll add some fairy lights and my Rocket and Rye lights, and put my mini studio on the floor there as well.


I’m hoping to be buying a two bedroomed house, and I want to use one of the bedrooms as a spare room come pole room. I plan on full length mirrors, and a pole from floor to ceiling, so I can practice (I do pole fitness and I love it) I MAY, if there is space, use this room as a dressing room too.

I want my bedroom to be clutter free, and nice and calm. I don’t want a TV in there or any electronics, apart from my phone. I want a really pretty, girly bedroom-fairy lights around my bed, gorgeous cushions, a beautiful throw. And white cotton sheets and duvet with a high threadcount, so comfy. I did have some-then I moved house, and I have no clue where they went. Probably in a box somewhere.


What would your dream house look like? Are you already living in it?

*This is a sponsored post-I was asked to write this post and paid a small fee for my time. However, as with any content on my blog, the thoughts contained within this post, and the words written, are all mine.




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