My Photography Journey

This morning my Facebook memories reminded me I’d spend the day, about two years ago, in Liverpool at a blogger event. It also reminded me that I had a group of photos taken by my friend Caitlin, which I know were taken on the day she convinced me to take the plunge and switch my camera from auto to manual. Since then I’ve come so far with my photography, even creating Laura Haley Photography, and I thought I’d celebrate the occasion by writing about my photography journey.

Laura holding a camera

I’ve never been a creative person and if you’d asked me before I created this blog I would’ve told you I had no artistic talent whatsoever. Then I started writing, and from that I started to take (terrible) blog photos with my iPhone. I decided I wanted to get better and bought my first DSLR, which I spent a few months practicing with. I never took the camera off auto, telling myself that no one knew what settings I’d used when they saw the shot anyway-and I really improved the standard of my photos.

Then I went out for the day with Caitlin, from Through The Mirror, and she convinced me to take my camera off auto. She gave me a quick run down of what the different settings meant and sent me off to practice.And my love for photography was born. I took some great photos, playing with the settings to make a sunset photo really dark and creating some great effects, and I ended the day with shots I was really proud of.

Laura taking a photo at Leeds Light Festival

Fast foward to now and I’ve set up Laura Haley Photography after saying I’d never want to shoot people (fashion style shoots are now my favourite of all the photography I do!) and I’ve shot family photos, fashion for bloggers, lots of food, lots of travel and even a secret proposal. I’ve done a photography course to cement my technical knowledge, I’ve decided on the next camera I want (the Olympus Pen, naturally!) and I’ve got so many plans for my photography. For the first time in my life, I feel like I AM a creative person.

Photo credit (three photos above): Claire

Taking up this blog, and photography as a result of that, has really changed my life. I’m now someone who loves to go out with my camera, taking beautiful shots of wherever I am, and this is my favourite way to spend my time. I’m so so glad I started trying to better my skills because it’s lead me to a talent I didn’t know I had. I can’t wait to see where my photography journey takes me next.

How do you feel about photography? Have you grown in skill and confidence like me, or are you a more ‘that’s good enough’ sort of blogger?

Laura with her camera on the docks, Liverpool

Photo credit: Caitlin


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  1. May 18, 2018 / 9:08 am

    Its so nice to be reminded of an event that happened 2 years ago, but was monumental in getting you into photography. Those are fab photos of you by Caitlin.

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