*My Renting Rules

As someone who’s rented a few houses in my time, I’ve definitely learnt a thing or two about how to deal with a rented property. So when Homelet asked me to write about my renting rules for you guys I had a lot of ideas.

Look after the house

Too many people have the attitude that it’s not their house so why should they look after it? As a tenant though you do have a responsibility to maintain small things-like keeping the kitchen and bathroom clean and the garden tidy. Even if you know you’re not going to stay, it pays to invest a little bit of time into things like gardening-not least because you get to enjoy the outside space whilst you still live there.

Check your bills

Just because the last tenant signed up with certain companies for their gas and electric doesn’t mean you need to stay with them, or that they’re the cheapest. I get a quote every so often to make sure I’m still getting the best rate and if not, I switch. It’s easy to do and it doesn’t normally need your landlord’s permission as it doesn’t affect them at all.

Don’t decorate without permission

You’re not usually allowed to paint the walls, change carpets or do anything drastic to your rented house, although some landlords will let you paint with written permission, if you promise to return the walls to a plain colour when you leave. Definitely don’t decorate without that written permission, otherwise you might find you lose some of your bond when you move out.

Look at temporary decoration

I used things like wall stickers to brighten up rooms, knowing they’d peel off with no damage when I left. I also used the velcro hanging strips that peel off the wall when you’re finished with them to hang some photos. I bought a nice bright rug, pretty kitchen accessories and lots of fairy lights and candles to make my house feel more like mine. And there was no sign of any of them when I moved out because they’re all totally temporary.

Raise issues with the landlord

If there’s a problem with something in the house, go straight to the letting agency or landlord for them to fix it. This stops you getting annoyed with problems but more importantly stops the problems getting worse.

Pay your rent IN FULL and ON TIME

My ex felt that paying rent wasn’t his top priority-it’s why he’s an ex. I made sure the rent, and then all of the other bills, were paid in our joint house before I did anything else. I worked overtime to cover fun money for myself, which usually got spent on his share of the rent when he didn’t give it to me. Fun times!

Do you agree with my renting rules? Have I missed any?

*This post was written in collaboration with Homelet, but all thoughts, opinions and my renting rules are my own.



  1. Natasha
    October 25, 2017 / 9:04 pm

    I love those stickers you can peel of easy without marking the walls. I’d want someone to look after my house they were renting as if it was their own, and not destroy it

    Tasha x

  2. October 26, 2017 / 9:43 am

    As a current renter, I’d add that you should check with the landlord before you get a pet – in my experience different landlords can have VERY differing opinions on this, and can get very upset if they find you flouting their rules.

  3. I am lucky enough not to have rented as we got a mortgage straight away but I think these are great rules, next door to us is rented and they never look after our shared front lawn so we end up mowing all the lawn instead of just our half as it looks a mess otherwise, we often weed their flowerbed too and never get a thank you.

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