My Speed Dating Experience



A week or so ago, I was invited speed dating-but speed dating with a difference. I was told I’d be spending time doing 6 laps around a race track in a fast car, with my date-with challenges along the way. I’ve been single for a while so I thought why not-and agreed to go. If nothing else, I knew it’d be a good story for the blog!


Well. Basically, I didn’t meet the love of my life-nor did we even swap numbers. Marc, my date, was a nice enough guy-but basically the opposite of what I’d go for. Which is a shame, but hey ho. We had 9 laps around the track in a Mazda (I was hoping for a really cool car but I was disappointed!) the first 3 laps were getting to know each other-it’s amazing how much silence there can be in 3 laps! The second set of laps, he opened a bottle of Prosecco and poured us both a glass-managing not to spill any-skills! I blooming needed that drink I can tell you. The third set of laps, we played this game where you press a button and then when the light turns green you have to press a button on a handle you’re holding-the last person to press the button gets a shock. I had two shocks and they were no big deal, he had one and made a bit more of a fuss-yeah, no.


After the date we scored each other out of 10 and did a piece to camera about how we thought the date went. I had worried about this and decided to score him a 7, as a 7 is a nice score. He scored me a 6. 6! I am so much better than a 6 out of 10, thank you!


Basically, the day was a bit of a car crash really, and we definitely didn’t win the race!


So, this got me thinking-if I was going to arrange a speed dating event, what would I do? And I thought, aha-blogger speed dating!


5 minutes with each man. They have 5 minutes to: take an OOTD photo for you. Style and photograph a flatlay for your blog post about the date. Think of a snappy post title regarding your date, and a hashtag. At the end of the evening, you rate your date on their blogging potential. I can totally see this catching on-genius, right?


If I’m honest, I feel a bit rubbish about the date, I wish I’d not gone actually. But hey, we live and learn.


Have you ever been speed dating? How did it go?


Laura xx
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