National Poetry Day-my blog in Haiku

Hello! (to readers)
Is how I start all my posts
It’s become my thing

Beauty and fashion
Politics, the news and more
That’s what I blog on

Early days for me
But readers are increasing
‘Likes’ are on the up

My fab followers
Are reading each post I make
I hope you enjoy!

Oh-Kay Doh-Kay’s blog
Inspired me to start my own
Thank you for that, Kay!

My first post was hard
The second was easier
The third I enjoyed 🙂

Now a few weeks in
And I’m loving the journey
This blog’s here to stay

I have blogged before
Un-read, and now deleted
But this feels different

Inside Laura’s head
Is a project I’m proud of
Its future is bright

Some great posts are planned
Don’t you miss out-follow me!
And do comment too

For blogs are nothing
Without their readers reading
And interacting

I hope that you like
My Haiku blogging story
(It took me ages!)

I’m signing off now
In my usual style
Which is always this:



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