November Goals



Around a month ago I shared my October Goals with you. I felt more motivated to stick to them once I’d shared them with my readers and I did fairly well,  so I’m going to share my goals each month. Feel free to shout at me if you see I’m not doing them!


This post comes with a special mention to two people who have really helped and inspired me this month:


The first is my best friend Deb, who I’ve been bouncing lots of ideas off-she’s a graphic designer and you can find her over at Miss Toye Designs or follow her on Instagram to see what she’s up to. You won’t regret it! We’ve been friends since high school and she is one of my favourite people. I’m actually writing this post from her front room whilst she does some graphics work.


The second is an old school friend of mine, Jamie, who I’ve recently been seeing quite a bit of. He’s been a huge support when I’ve been struggling for motivation, he’s happily sat with me in the pub whilst I chewed his ear off about some post ideas and he’s given me some helpful SEO tips. It’s lovely how well we’re getting on and how close we seem to be when we haven’t seen each other for about ten years. I’m really enjoying spending time with him and he’s fast becoming one of my fave people. (Okay I’ll stop being mushy now!)


Thanks so much, both of you!


November’s goals are as follows:


1) Work on growing my Twitter followers.


2) Post every day in November.


3) Promote current and old posts.


4) Get my Christmas shopping done (and wrap as I go along)


5) Declutter!


What are your November goals?


Laura xx


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