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Today, poor old hungover me is suffering a little. (I went out last night, should have done a ‘Today’s Look’ post whilst getting ready but I didn’t think) I’m spending the day at my Mum’s, writing some blog posts and being very organised.

A post I’ve been wanting to do for a while is a review of the palettes I own. You’ll notice, as I just have, that they are ALL THE BLOOMING SAME and I perhaps need to be more adventurous when it comes to my eye make-up!

So, I have three palettes:

Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel Palette, £7.99.

sleek pallette firstsleek pallette

Currently I don’t know the names of the colours as I’ve lost the insert-if I can find it I’ll edit this post later.

Colours swatched on my hand:


This pallette is mineral based and highly pigmented-the colours go on strong and last well. I really rate this and will be buying more Sleek products for sure.

Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette-Iconic 2, £4.00

makeup revolution pallette not on hand makeuprevolution pallette

Again I don’t know the shade names. Swatches on my hand go from left to right, the bottom row of my hand is the very left eyeshadows (blame the hangover, no idea why I’ve done it that way-fail!)

These are more muted colours than the Sleek Palette and so suit a daytime look more. I tend to use colours from this Palette for work makeup.

For £4.00 it’s a real bargain and I am really beginning to love the whole Makeup Revolution range.

I Love Makeup (part of the Makeup Revolution range) #Selfie, £4.99

i love makeup pallette selfiei love makeup pallette on hand

I love the title of this palette, and the packaging-the lid has that fancy stuff on that if you turn it side to side it changes colour. Very cool. The colours again are very similar to the other two palettes-I definitely have a ‘type’ of makeup I love!

Do you have any of these palettes? What do you think about them?

Laura xx


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