So way back in March I was lucky enough to go to #NWBloggerEvents.  And a few weeks ago I got to go to Jenny’s second event. (I am so behind on getting this post up it’s untrue, so sorry Jenny!)


I was really looking forward to meeting Helen from Loves and Loathes, who I’ve ‘known’ for quite some time via a Facebook group we both frequent and through reading her blog too. I was also pleased to find out the night before that Anna from Don’t Cramp My Blog was a last minute attendee, I enjoy reading her posts and it’s always nice to meet someone whose blog you admire. I knew I’d be seeing some of the girls again who I met at the last event, and I also knew there’d be some lovely new faces to meet. Exciting!




This event was quite structured, which I found useful-some events there are so many brilliant things going on that you don’t have time to do it all, and then you later find out you’ve missed something amazing. None of that with this event. First Jenny introduced herself and Katie and talked a little bit about her blog, and why they are running the event. She gave a brief run down of how the event would go, and told us that she’d be sending us an email the next day with details of the brands, products and other bloggers at the event. I LOVE when people do this, as it means I can concentrate on chatting to others and listening to what people are saying during the event, without having to make pages of notes or miss vital information out of my post later. Thanks for the efficiency Jenny!




We had a talk on SEO and all things blogging from Lisa from Hollybobs, brand showcases from Skinnytan, My Showcase and Motives Cosmetics, and then we were given the chance to have a Skinnytan spray tan. I declined due to my Psoriasis, sadly (Skinnytan does not affect Psoriasis, they confirmed to me, but because my skin was blotchy I didn’t want the tan to look rubbish!)


Snacks were provided for us courtesy of Thomas Tucker Popcorn and The Little Macaron Shop-best Popcorn and Macarons I have ever tasted, my stomach was sooo happy!


We then had food from the Wetherspoons kitchen, just what we needed by 3pm. Then it was time for us to be given a brilliant goody bag, say our goodbyes and leave.




(Photograph courtesy of Jenny at Secret Beauty Box, who organised the event )


There will be a future post about the contents of my goody bag, and then product reviews to follow.


Have you been to any blogger events recently?




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