#NWmeet 2.0


Some of you will remember that last summer I went to #NWmeet, a blogging event in Liverpool. I had a great day (do go read the post!) and so when I got an e-mail asking me if I wanted to attend the second event, of course I jumped at the chance. I’ve not been to any events in a while, it’s about time I changed that.

I picked up Caitlin on my way to Liverpool, and we parked up and went to find the venue. After a bit of trouble we finally got there, and walked into the downstairs room to see loads of lovely bloggers, some I already knew from meeting them in person and some I knew from Twitter-and some who were complete strangers to me.


Katy organised a fantastic event the first time round so I had high hopes for the second one, and I wasn’t disappointed. The second event was a more chilled one compared to the first, less to do, more time to chat-but that’s quite handy. A lot of blogger events are so busy you don’t get time to really speak to anyone properly.


I really enjoyed catching up with Jenny and hearing all about her new job, and Codie and hearing about how going freelance is working for her (well, is the answer-hooray, she really deserves it!) It was great to see Holly, Jemma and Tamsin again, although I didn’t get to speak to any of them-my anxiety levels meant I stuck like glue to Caitlin, Jenny and Codie so thanks for being there girls. I enjoyed meeting everyone else, granted very briefly-I apologise if I came across as unfriendly, that’s not me at all.


Katy did not disappoint with the goodybags, either. She gave them to us part way through the event which meant we could all open them together and get excited about the contents-and excited we were. I am in awe of the goodies she managed to get for us, she must have worked so hard.


Katy had arranged for Weleda to come and speak to us about their brand, specifically about their Skin Food-I will be reviewing this in the next few weeks.

#NWmeet 2.0 was a fantastic event and to top off a great day, Caitlin and I hit the shops with Jenny, before spending an hour taking photos on the docks. I was so tired when I finally got home, but it was so worth it to spend a day in one of my favourite cities. I hope there’s a #NWmeet 3.0!



Have you been to any blogging events recently?




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