*I apologise for the absence of photos in this post. As I migrated my blog over to a new host I lost lots of content and have had to claw this back, sadly it wasn’t as easy to sort the photographs and I’ve lost a chunk*


So on Monday, in my hungover state, I agreed to go to #NWmeet-an event arranged by Katy at The Lilac Scrapbook and Sammy at Little Fickle. This event was in a secret location and I didn’t know who was going or anything about it, other than that it was Liverpool, we’d been e-mailed directions from the nearest train station, and it was 12-5 on Saturday. If I’m COMPLETELY HONEST, had I had my wits about me a bit more on Monday I wouldn’t have agreed to go, as this is all very scary for me-my anxiety doesn’t like the unknown. It likes me to know EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING. But, thinking about it on Tuesday, I decided that I would NOT let anxiety win. So attend I did. My one concession was to message Katy and Sam and ask them for the postcode of a nearby building so I could google parking without ruining the surprise. I then stalked the hashtag and found that one of my favourite bloggers, Jemma at Dorkface was going, and realised I would be fine.


I had a bit of a disaster on the morning, waking up later than planned and so setting off later. My face felt like my makeup wasn’t done properly and I wasn’t happy with my outfit. Standard, right!? My SatNav kindly took me to right outside the front door of the building and I parked up and got out of the car, to ‘Laaaaura!’ being yelled from the window in a very scouse accent-that’d be our Jemma! Reassured that I was in the right place I headed upstairs to the room we were in-wow, just wow.


The Location was a big warehouse (The Secret Warehouse) which was next to a steelworks-very random, but a great choice. We were in a large room with exposed brick walls, a dusty wooden floor, gorgeous black wrought iron chairs, a huge gold mirror and buddhas all over the place. Very quirky, very bloggers! Add to that a gorgeous rooftop garden with bark chippings on the floor, fake grass on the benches and a big tree with big plastic pink flowers-it really was something special. There was a kissing wall (W7 had donated a lipstick per blogger so we were asked to kiss a piece of paper and write our name and blog name on, then peg to the ‘kissing wall’) and a table with cupcakes and other refreshments. Fantastic.


We were all given a number on arrival for the chance to win some Disney Couture goodies-sadly, I didn’t win. Lucky, lucky ladies who did, their stuff was gorgeous. Then Lush did a product demo using some of the items we had in our goodybags (more on those in my next #NWmeet post). Raffle tickets were sold, giving us a chance to win some fantastic prizes and to raise money for The Recovery Bag Project. Jewellery brand This Material Culture brought their jewellery to show us-I wanted most of it. I highly recommend you check them out!


Once we’d heard from Lush and This Material Cultue the raffle was drawn. I was SO IMPRESSED that we were all very socialist-once we’d won a prize, everyone nominated someone who hadn’t to win one when their number was drawn out a second time. It meant that everyone won one prize each, hooray! And we raised £100 for The Recovery Bag Project.


As always, there will be a seperate post about my goody bag from this event, so for now I’ll leave you with a few photos, which show just a little bit of the fun we had. Thanks, Katy and Sam, for a brilliant day!




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