October Goals

I like to hold myself accountable each month and I like to tell you guys what my aims are, so that I feel like you’ll judge me if I don’t meet them. It motivates me to do better.┬áSo, my October goals are as follows:

Earn more than last month

Pretty self explanatory-if I earn more each month than the last month it means my three little businesses are growing, and that’s what I really want. It also means I’m picking up extra bits here and there-like earning money from online survey sites and People Per Hour.

Get out with my camera more

It can be tricky when I get busy with work as I don’t make time to do the fun stuff. This month I want to make sure I have at least five ‘fun’ shoots, shoots I do because I want to not because someone’s paying me.

Hit 1,300 on Instagram

My Insta takes forever to grow at all, but I know that when I actually post twice a day and engage with others my followers grow. I’m only 21 followers from the 1,300 goal so if I crack on, I should hit it.

Change up my Instagram feed

As above, I need to work on my feed. I HAD changed it to just travel but that feels too restrictive, so expect to see some food sneaking in there, some photos from events and the odd generic photo of me/what I’m up to too. Less travel, more Laura.

Blog every day in October

I pretty much managed every day in September (though I have some half written posts to backdate-but I’m not seeing that as a bad thing) so I want to continue this for October. I have so many posts I want to write that I need to post daily to get it all out, anyway.

Get some more Laura Haley Photography bookings

Laura Haley Photography is one of my new businesses and whilst it’s growing, it’s not as fast as I’d like. I do have three paid bookings this month and one competition winner’s shoot, but I’d like to get some more bookings in too.

What are your October goals?


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  1. October 26, 2017 / 9:41 am

    Good luck with your goals this month, I hope you have managed to meet some of them. Being a photographer is a hard business as there are so many amazing photographers to compete with, I used to run my own children’s photography business but I stopped when we moved and had a baby and I’ve never built it up again, it really was so much hard work but so rewarding x

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