October Goals-Did I Achieve Them?



So at the beginning of this month I posted my October Goals. Posting them is pretty pointless in my opinion, unless I update you guys on how I did with them. So, here goes!


When I started writing this post, by the way, I was all ‘and OBVIOUSLY I didn’t achieve any of them’ but then an amazing thing happened-I looked back at the list, and realised I’d actually done pretty well!


1) Get my hair cut, and go blonder.


I did this! I like my hair blonder, too.



2) Stick to my new skincare regime.


I actually did this too! There’s a post coming up in November on my new skincare regime, too. Hooray!


3) Get to grips with Pinterest.


Yeah, I haven’t even looked. Oops.


4) Learn to use my DSLR Camera properly.


I’ve made a start, taking my camera out on a protest march and to an event. Plus my lovely friend Jamie has been helping me a bit with it, and we’re gonna head out somewhere soon for some practice. Cheers, lovely!


5) Overcome my Bloggers Block


I’m getting there. It’s difficult with no motivation, and how I’m feeling at the moment isn’t helping. But I have posted more this month than I thought I would, and I’ve already written quite a bit of content for November. I’m proud of how well I’ve done towards hitting this goal.


Did you have October goals? How did you get on?


Laura xx


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