*Why It’s Often Better To Meet Someone Online

So, I have some news, I guess. Recently I, completely accidentally, met someone. He seemed nice-we chatted for about three hours about being self employed, copywriting, SEO, what we’d been doing that day and my three small businesses. We ended up swapping numbers and though I didn’t expect to hear anything, I bumped into him again the next day and we spoke briefly again. Then we started texting and got on pretty well, so that was unusual (I’m normally SO fussy it’s untrue). Hilariously, yesterday I found out about his girlfriend and so, thankfully before anything happened or any sort of feelings have developed, I am out. He doesn’t KNOW I’m out, yet-I’m trying to see how many hints I can drop in before he realises I know, because that’s the sort of thing I find funny. And it makes a change from the times I meet someone online.

It’s got me thinking, though, that it was so EASY to meet this guy by chance, and for him to try to start something up with me. I think with online dating, whilst that can absolutely still happen (and does happen) it takes a fair amount of effort to set up a profile, get matches and reply to them-meaning that there’s a better chance the person you’re talking to is serious about dating. You at least know that if they’re not, they’re clearly a compulsive liar and so when you realise you can steer well clear, anyway!

Friends of mine have met partners on dating sites and some of the best couples I know, who are still together, after buying houses and having babies and getting a dog, and I just think that actually, I DO want to try online dating again. Because despite saying I wasn’t interested, and I really wasn’t-meeting this guy has made me think that whilst not desperate to meet someone, maybe I am curious as to who’s out there. So I’ll be restarting my plenty of fish account, and looking for some local dating sites too. Who knows, I might meet the right person this time.

If you feel the same and are looking too, or at least curious, you should also get online and see who you can find. You can try different sites, like dating in Oxfordshiredating in Nottinghamshire or Nottinghamshire dating site. Maybe you’re looking for single women in Somerset? Or, if you’re less about dating and more about no strings fun (no judgement here, as long as everyone is honest you do you!) you could try naughty dating.

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And the guy, if you’re wondering, is still texting me, unaware that I know. I don’t need the drama of contacting his girlfriend, so I won’t be doing that, but the jury is still out on whether I cancel our date as he’s waiting for me, or whether I drop enough hints between now and then that he’s bound to realise. I want to do the first option but that feels very harsh. What do you think, is it better to meet someone online?

*This is a sponsored post. All thoughts, words and dodgy man stories are my own.


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