*How Online Dating Can Help You Find Who You’re Looking For

My regular dating posts are pretty popular on Inside Laura’s Head at the moment. I’m really enjoying writing them and the feedback I’m getting from my readers is that they’re enjoying reading them just as much. These days online dating is becoming bigger and bigger and each time I write one of these posts I say I’m going to sit down and properly give it a try, set myself up a profile on a site or two and see what happens. I really need to get on with it, and write a post about my experience!  I have quite a few friends who have met their partners online, and even more who have met someone they liked-and not wanted to settle down. Online dating doesn’t HAVE to find you your future spouse. If you’re after a bit of fun, nothing serious, then you can find that online. If you’re like me and are open to meeting someone but not that fussed, online dating will probably have someone for you too.

I have this friend, who for privacy will remain anonymous. What she was looking for was a cross between a relationship and a friend. Someone to go on the odd date with, have a physical relationship with, but no commitment-she works long hours and is often away and just can’t fit in a conventional relationship right now. She didn’t want to start up a traditional relationship and then announce she couldn’t see him for two weeks, and so she tried online dating. She was honest in her profile, and she has found a lovely guy who is in a similar situation. When they’re both at home they eat out a lot, they tend to go home to their own house to sleep after their dates and that suits them perfectly. She isn’t going to be meeting his family any time soon, he hasn’t met hers, or any of her friends-because they don’t want to. They don’t need to do any of that stuff, as they’ve chosen to not be an official couple (her facebook says single, for what its worth) and they just have a mutually beneficial, friends with benefits type relationship on their own terms. What they have is working perfectly for them, and I’m really pleased for them both. She’s happy, he’s happy, and no one is being hurt or strung along. Hooray.

It’s 2018 and to be honest it’s about time we realised not everyone wants to get married and have children, or they might do but not right now, or they might be really unsure of that. Online dating is fantastic because on most sites, you can be honest about what you’re looking for and someone can choose not to get to know you from the offset if they want to get married in a year and you’re looking for something with no strings attached at the moment. Neither of you are wrong, it’s just clear you’re not right for each other, or it’s not the right time. When you meet someone in a bar, or at work, or through friends, at some point an awkward conversation needs to be had, one of you might have developed feelings for the other one and it’s not fun. Sometimes you can end up a long way into a relationship before you realise you want different things. Having these conversations at the beginning, based on what’s on your dating profile, can avoid hurt feelings down the line.

If you’re thinking of online dating and you’re maybe more about the very casual sort of relationship, you could think about having a look at websites like adult dating and no strings attached dating to see if anyone on there takes your fancy. These sites are designed more for the casual relationship and you’re likely to meet someone who wants the same thing on there, rather than someone wanting children soon-if that’s not your bag. You never know, you might well start something casual and both decide you want to be more serious-I’ve seen that happen many times, and sometimes you’re not looking to meet someone when you fall for someone. Either way, though, it doesn’t matter whether you’re up for casual fun or a fancy wedding-online dating can help you find what you’re looking for.

*This is a collaborative post I’ve been paid to write. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own, although the story in this post is courtesy of my friend T. Thanks for letting me share this one!


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