*Planning Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, people fall into one of two camps. Either they’re a planning from August onwards person, or a go out on Christmas Eve and buy everything person. If you’re the organised side, this post is for you. I do have some more Christmas content coming through October, November and December, but this post is the first in my Christmas series and I’m talking about planning Christmas. My planning consists of a few things, and I’ve detailed below what I do to make sure I’m not rushing around on Christmas Eve.

Three Christmas presents wrapped in red paper with gold writing

Listen to friends and family

Clearly you should always listen to your friends and family but in the run up to Christmas it’s more important. You can often figure out great gift ideas from things people have said-like, for example, my friend is going to the Cook Islands in November and she’s been telling me all about it. That’s not the best example as by Christmas she’ll have been and gone, but if she was going AFTER Christmas there’s lots of things that would help her on her trip that I could’ve bought her.

Write a list

I have a memory like a sieve, so if I don’t write down what I’ve bought for people I end up thinking I’ve forgotten them and then they end up with multiple presents (good for them, not so good for my bank balance!) My list has the person, my budget, any ideas I’ve had for them and what I’ve already bought them, and I have two copies just in case I lose one!

Read Christmas Gift Guides

Gift guides written by other bloggers are my Christmas guilty pleasure. Reading what someone else thinks would be good gifts can really help you to find something you’d never even thought of. If you like reading gift guides, I have a couple planned so far, themed for travel fans and photography fans. I’ll probably add some different ones later on too.

Grab bargain presents

I’ll be keeping an eye out for the sales on Black Friday, and I also look for the sale section when I’m shopping on the high street. When I see something I like for someone I buy it, bring it home and wrap it-and of course add it to my list!¬†Finding cheap Xbox One Games can be really helpful when you have children to buy for, or a partner or friend who’s into gaming. Or you may be looking at treating yourself-you deserve it. Latest Deals¬†has a great selection of games for you to order, and who doesn’t love an easy to wrap gift?

*This is a collaborative post. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own.


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