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Going to the Bingo on a Friday night can be quite a social thing, more so amongst my age group (30s-gah, when did THAT happen!?) these days. When I was 18 we wouldn’t have considered it but now, it’s something we do quite a bit. I often drive, and we just have a catch up and fail to actually play the game, and eat chicken in a basket. I quite LIKE bingo though, it’s a bit of fun, yes it’s gambling but not in a scary kind of way. So it’s natural really that I’d progress to the odd occasion where I’m playing bingo online. I’m not a gambler-I’ve seen too many people betting on something, losing, then betting to win the money back and it spiralling out of control (if this is you then PLEASE ask for help!) but bingo, for me, isn’t the same. I presume I’m not going to win a game, and I play one or two games, then I walk away. Much easier to handle, I think.

The thing is, it can be tricky deciding where to go to play, and that’s where Bingo Kings comes in. They’re like the Money Supermarket of online bingo, and they give a list of different sites where you can play, along with reviews including how much minimum deposit you need to make and other useful information. Really handy because I’ve spent so long registering on a site only to realise they want a £20 minimum deposit, and I won’t spend that in three months-Bingo Kings lets me see which sites are more me, without sign up time.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Online bingo helps to avoid the anxiety I have of having to shout ‘line’ or ‘house’ when I win in front of a room of strangers, and then that feeling where I convince myself that I’ve forgotten what two digit numbers look like and I’ve definitely not won. Online there’s no other people watching you to care if you mess up.

I’ve been sat here tonight writing this post and listening to a new spotify playlist, and because I’m thinking about bingo now I think I’ll pop on afterwards and have a little flutter-wish me luck guys!

Are you a fan of playing bingo online?

*I have been paid to write this post by Bingo Kings, however as with all content on Inside Laura’s Head, all thoughts, opinions and words are my own.


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