*Preparing Your Car For A Road Trip

If there’s anything I love as much as booking a flight, it’s planning a good road trip. Travel doesn’t have to be abroad, there’s  whole lot of the UK to explore too and I’m always wanting to see more of my local area too. Some of my favourite cities are in the UK-Liverpool, for one, and then there’s cities I’ve been to briefly but want to explore more, like Newcastle, Birmingham and Manchester. I also want to go back to Cardiff at some point, for a proper experience of the city. But before a road trip, I like to make sure my car is all okay (I think it’s from a previous job in car insurance, I’m pretty cautious with my car these days) and so when Osset Tyres asked if I wanted to collaborate with them, I knew I’d do a post about preparing your car for a road trip.

A nissan steering wheel and dashboard

Check oil and water

Making sure your oil, water, screenwash etc are topped up is something you should be doing regularly,

Check your tyre pressure and tread

I can’t stress enough how dangerous it can be if your tyres don’t have enough tread on them, not to mention it being illegal. I check my tyre pressure monthly and my tread maybe every couple of months. I also ask the garage how soon I should get my tyres replaced when they do my MOT-I know they’ll be honest with me as I don’t even get them done at the same garage. I’d really recommend checking your tyre tread before you set off on a journey, and if you find you need new tyres, get them done before you go. If you’re in West Yorkshire you can book your tyre fitting in Wakefield from Osset Tyre House online!

Think of the weather 

Not only do you need to be warm enough/cool enough when you’re driving, you also need to be comfortable. I can’t drive in a coat, so if it’s freezing outside I need to make sure I have a snuggly hoody to drive in. It’s also worth thinking about if you break down-you’ll need to exit the vehicle, so shoes you can climb over a crash barrier in, a coat and a blanket if it’s freezing and an umbrella in the boot are all sensible, practical things to keep in your car. If you’re driving in the winter, always carry a shovel and cat litter too, to gain traction if you’re stuck in snow. And if it’s summer, some sunscreen and a bottle of water in your car means if you’re stuck waiting outside in the sun, you won’t burn or dehydrate.

Have a phone that works

After breaking down and only having a phone that was out of battery on me, I always make sure my phone is charging as I’m driving. On long trips I also carry a charging bank with me, so that if my charger broke, I could still get some battery life into my phone. There’s nothing worse than having to find an emergency phone (when I did it there was a spider on it, making the whole experience far scarier than it needed to be)

What have I missed from here? Is there anything else you do when preparing your car for a road trip?

*This is a collaborative post with Osset Tyre House. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own.


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