*Preventing Burglary Whilst Travelling

As a travel blogger I’m often away for days at a time and I really worry about my house and it’s security. So, when DPP Law asked me to collaborate with them to share my tips on keeping your home safe and secure it really made me think about what I do already and what I should be doing that I’m not, to make sure I’ve got the best chance of preventing burglary whilst travelling.

A red brick wall

Don’t share your address online

If you google my name, or my blog name, you can find out A LOT about me online. You can’t find my address (I know, I’ve looked for it!) and if you look on the about me page of this blog you can only see that I live near Leeds. This means no one can rock up at my door, either to attempt to rob me or (sadly!) to send me unexpected brand gifts. Obviously the second would be lovely, but it’s not worth risking the first.

Check your privacy settings

If you’re spending your time checking in at the airport on Facebook and doing Instagram stories about your time in that new location, make sure you know who can see these things. At the moment I don’t live alone so if I’m away, others aren’t-and that means I can be a bit more lax about my security, but I still make sure only people I know on Facebook can see where I’m going-those on a friends only profile, rather than the whole world.

Set the alarm

If you have an alarm at home, use it. It won’t stop you being broken into but it might just attract enough attention to scare someone away. Chances are if you’ve not set it, you won’t be insured-don’t make that mistake.

Hide valuables 

I don’t mean go all 80s and hide the DVD player behind a cushion-it’s a safe bet that these days most houses own a TV and assorted accessories. But, maybe don’t put your fancy car’s keys on the windowsill where people walk past, don’t leave your brand new laptop on the sofa where everyone can see it and, for gods sake, don’t leave a spare key under the doormat!

Ask someone to watch the house

It’s always worth letting neighbours know you’re away and if you have someone with a spare key, ask if they’re able to pop in and draw the curtains morning and night, move post off the doormat etc. Someone coming and going will help to deter anyone who may be watching your house.

*This is a collaborative post with DPP Law. All thoughts, words and tips are my own.


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