Primark Mini Haul


I’m currently on annual leave from work and as part of my organising my environment (a post about this to follow!) I’ve been selling some of my clothes. I’ve been into town today to treat myself with a little bit of the money, and so popped to one of my favourite shops, Primark, for a little look. I ended up with a mini haul and thought I’d share that with you all.

First off my lovely boyfriend bought me something from my wishlist, actually-Pug bedding! They didn’t have double so we bought a kingsize as I’m considering buying a kingsize duvet for a bit of luxury. However, if I can find a double in another store I’m going to swap it I think. This has Pugs on a White background on one side and white stars on a Brown background on the other side-so cute!


I bought myself this beautiful jumper, in a lime/yellow/mustard sort of shade-it’s hard to describe. I LOVE it though, it’s so snug and warm and I get lots of compliments when I’m wearing bright colours. For only £8 I’m disappointed that the rest of the colours were greys/creams/beige/pastel so I didn’t get anymore. This one though-perfect.


I picked up a few bits from P.S. Love, Primark’s make-up range. I’ve heard good things about this range but never tried it so now was a perfect chance. I got a gorgeous turquoise polish (no name) for £1, a Gel Effect topcoat, also £1 and a Lip Crayon, £1.50.

polish gel crayon

Obviously I had to try them. The polish goes on really well-two coats give a decent coverage., the brush is large so nearly covers the whole nail. It drives quickly so you do need to paint fast but I like the fact once on it dries quickly! I really rate this and will definitely buy other colours. The top coat goes on very sticky and I’m not a fan but it does dry well and I’ll probably give it another try. And the lip crayon-wow. So moisturising, goes on as a barely there shimmer so would be good over a lipstick. I will definitely be buying more of these! You can see the polish on my nails in most of the other photos, and here’s the crayon on my lips.

crayon on

The last three things I bought were little things-first of all this Pug cup (another pressie from my lovely boyfriend!) which I plan to use at work. Then, a facial cleansing pad-I will use this when exfoliating my face in the shower. £1.50, a real bargain. The last thing was a must have-Vaseline! The limited edition red tinted version, that I’ve never bought as it’s £3.50 in the shops and the normal tins are far cheaper. However it was £1.20 in my Primark so I snapped it up.

vaseline cup cleansing pad

What have you bought from Primark lately?

Laura xx

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